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Former Grenada minister commends ‘exceptional talent’ of soca performers

ST GEORGE’S, Grenada — A former Grenada culture minister would like to see a future local band touring with soca performers such as Mr Killa and Tallpree.

The two Grenadian artistes, who participated in weekend carnival competitions in Trinidad, are “ambassadors” and “exceptional talents”, said former minister Arley Gill, who now works in Dominica.

Mr Killa, whose real name is Hollice Mapp, was placed in a three-way tie for second with Iwer George and Destra in the International Power Soca Monarch competition.

Machel Montano retained the Power Soca Monarch title, which he jointly won with Super Blue in 2013.

Wilt “Tallpree” Cambridge participated in the Groovy Soca Monarch competition but was not among the top finishers.

However, Gill argues that Tallpree, who sang Jab Jab Nation, was done a “serious injustice” by the judges.

“Tallpree gave an outstanding performance and should have been in the top three. Jab Jab Nation was easily one of the best written songs of the night. The use of language in that song is second to none,” Gill said.

“Tallpree was composed, had effective and appropriate portrayals, and there is no sensible explanation to keep him out of the top finishers; none whatsoever. But that’s competition.”

The most heated debate, however, centred on the results of International Soca Monarch (ISM) and the three-way tie involving Mr Killa, Iwer George and Destra.

Many Grenadians and Trinidadians, including some blogging on the ISM Facebook page, claimed that Mr Killa was the clear winner.

Some suggested that the 29-year-old Grenadian may have been marked down by the judges because his performance was said to have overrun the time stipulated for the on-stage presentation of each artiste.

Others intimated that Montano remains the biggest attraction at the Power Soca Monarch and that it’s in the best interest of ISM organizers to ensure he remains the winner.

“Only Machel of the lot can guarantee you, as a promoter in Trinidad, at least 10,000 spectators”, commented one Trinidad-born broadcaster now living in Toronto. “So it will always be that way, as long as Machel delivers a good performance.”

In assessing the Power Soca Monarch competition, Gill said that while Mr Killa was “outstanding” in his presentation of Rolly Polly, he believes the Grenadian performer “should have been much tighter with his execution with his supporting ladies or the Rolly Pollies as he affectionately refers to them. He appeared to be uncertain at times, with what next he should do”.

But, added Gill, “the truth is professional choreography might have given Killa the edge on Machel. I would not say that he defeated Machel, but based on the criteria he would have comfortably defeated both Iwer George and Destra”.

According to Gill, Montano did not have “the strongest composition in a night of weak Power Soca performances from the Trinidadians. So Killa would have run an extremely close second”.

Gill said that in the aftermath of this year’s performances in Trinidad by Tallpree and Mr Killa, efforts now must be made to sustain Grenada’s presence in the soca world.

“We need these two artistes to continue to hold the fort, while we put together a band to accompany them on the local, regional and international stage. And other young artistes should step up their game to join them at the regional and international levels,” Gill said.

Machel retains Power Soca Monarch

Story by Donstan Bonn

Defending Power Soca Monarch king Machel Montana retained his title despite getting stiff challenges from Hollice “Mr Killa” Mapp, Neil Iwer George and Destra Garcia at the 2014 International Soca Monarch competition at the National Stadium in Port of Spain on Friday.

The Carnival showpiece, dubbed “Fantastic Friday”, saw Montano used a host of dancers, including break dancers, and less props as he’s renowned for in his presentation of “Ministry Of The Road.”

Clad in a yellow suit and black tie, Montano was able to energise the crowd as his dancers went through a high intensity routine while a member of his supporting cast attempted to smash up a piece of road, the one noticeable prop used, with a sledgehammer.

Mr Killa, who was considered a serious contender to dethrone Montano, finished in a historic three-way tie for second with Destra Garcia and Neil Iwer George.

During the performing of his immensely popular “Rolly Polly”, the Grenadian soca artiste did a handstand on the back of two of his rolly polly dancers before introducing his major prop, a rolly polly machine.

He had a slim young lady enter the machine to be subsequently transformed into a ‘Rolly Polly’ woman, almost four times her original size.

Iwer, as usual, showed he still possessed the uncanny ability to get the crowd to respond to his every urging while delivering “Mama Oye” while Garcia gave a polished performance of her 2014 hit “Mash Up.”

But they were unable to remove the king off his Power throne.

In the Groovy category, however, Kerwin Du Bois was able to accomplish what the others failed to do – dethrone Montano.

Du Bois’ “Too Real” proved to be too groovy for Montano’s “Happiest Man Alive” as he won the approval of the judges and the crowd.

Montano took second with “Big People Party” securing third position for Darryl “Farmer Nappy” Henry and Garcia rounding out the top four with “First Time.”


Power Soca Monarch

1. Machel Montano – :Ministry Of The Road”

2. Hollice “Mr Kill@” Mapp – “Rolly Polly”

2. Neil Iwer George – “Mama Oye”

2. Destra Garcia – “Mash Up”

Groovy Soca Monarch

1. Kerwin Du Bois – “Too Real”

2. Machel Montano – “Happiest Man Alive”

3. Darryl “Farmer Nappy” Henry – “Big People Party”

4. Destra Garcia – “First Time”

Commentary: Eric Gairy and the Mighty Sparrow, two famous Grenadians – By Hudson George

Growing up in Grenada, I remember the two most popular Grenadians were Eric Gairy and the Mighty Sparrow. During that time there was no television to view live coverage news broadcast. People had radios with a large battery and a long aerial with a sort of antenna to get better quality reception. A few years later, then came the portable transistor radio as an improvement in technology.

Hudson George has a BA in Social Science from York University, Toronto, Canada. He has been writing since his early teenage years and now contributes letters and articles to a number of Caribbean newspapers

In those days, Grenadians were as political as they are presently but the love for the Mighty Sparrow and his music always creates unity, with laughter and entertainment within the general population.

At that period of my life, I did not fully understand politics but I can remember hearing big people discussing political issues and sometimes the discussion ended up in loud argument and confusion. During election campaigns, some women would come out openly and show their political lineage in a sort of warrior mode. In those days, Grenadians were divided into two political camps. Some people were loyal supporters of Eric Gairy’s Grenada United Labour Party (GULP), while others supported Hubert Blaize’s Grenada National Party (GNP).

In those days, the vast majority of Grenadians depended on the agriculture industry for daily survival. There were large estates throughout out the tri-island state that created employment for agriculture workers, and Grenada was one of the very few small countries that were able to export nutmeg, mace, banana and cocoa to the industrialised countries.

With the regular export of those agricultural products, the large estate owners were making large amounts of financial profits on the backs of the hardworking agriculture workers. Some of those workers were single women and their wages were very small; therefore, their only hope and future were in the hands of Eric Gairy, who played twofold roles, as political leader of the country and trade union leader, to fight for better wages on their behalf.

Although Gairy was the champion of the working class struggle among the Grenadian people, traditionally there is a spiritual connection that ties people of African origins to music. However, calypso is the music that kept the African slaves spiritually and mentally strong during the long period of oppression in captivity on the plantations. And Grenada has a long history of slaves singing calypsos on the plantation since the 1600s, when the French brought African slaves to work on the plantation. That genre of music comes from griots born within African societies.

Fortunately, Grenadian-born Mighty Sparrow is the greatest calypso griot in the world and his music is more powerful than politicians. For example, Grenadians who were loyal supporters of Gairy’s GULP were openly proud to say how much they love the Mighty Sparrow as much as they love Gairy, whom they claimed liberated them from exploitation as agriculture workers.

However, with politics and the brutal nature of politicians, it seemed as though Gairy realised that the Mighty Sparrow was more popular than him among the masses. Gairy did not understand that the Grenadian people liked entertainment and pleasure that only the Mighty Sparrow can thrill them with.

Some Grenadians claimed that Gairy and the Mighty Sparrow had political differences that started when Gairy was accused of squandermania in 1961 and the British suspended the constitution to remove him as chief minister. After Gairy was removed from office by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain, the Mighty Sparrow sang a song in support of Herbert Blaize’s GNP political campaign to replace Gairy as chief minister. Sparrow’s song had some influence on voters because he resided in Trinidad and Blaize promised voters that he would form a unitary state with Trinidad and Tobago, if they elected him as chief minister.

However, in 1962, Blaize and his GNP political organisation won the election but he was not able to form that unitary state with Trinidad and Tobago. Blaize’s false promise rejuvenated Gairy’s grassroots support. As a matter of fact, Blaize’s GNP political organisation was financed by the wealthy business class. His government served one term and the people voted Gairy back into office in 1967.

Although Gairy had popular support from the masses, he could not accept opposition from influential people and, most likely, he saw the Mighty Sparrow as a potential threat to his political domain through calypso music. Sparrow, as a calypsonian, always played the role as a journalist, social scientists and sex educator. Traditionally, Grenadians do not discuss sex openly but behind closed doors sexual activities take place privately and only the two people involved in the sex act knows what they did.

However, when Sparrow sings songs like Sixteen Million French Men, Maymay and Saltfish, the Grenadian people like to hear those songs. They understand the language Sparrow is using in his song to discuss sexual activities and sexual pleasures.

It is believed that there was a major falling-out between Gairy and Sparrow, after Jennifer Hosten won the Miss World title in 1970. Sparrow visited Grenada as part of the Miss World Celebration and he sang Bang Nag Lou Lou. However, Gairy thought that Sparrow was disrespectful in his performance on stage. But most likely there is a possibility that Gairy was afraid of the Mighty Sparrow’s popularity among the Grenadian people that could influence change if Sparrow decided to sing songs against his regime.

However, after Gairy was overthrown 1979, the Mighty Sparrow resumed his regular visits to Grenada. And even though Grenadians have a tradition of creating political conflicts and crisis, they respect Sparrow so much and no politician with their brand of politics can destroy the love they have for the King of Calypso. Today, the Mighty Saprrow is still alive and the Grenadian people wish he could live forever. On the other hand, Eric Gairy is dead. He is the father of the nation. Both of them are both part of our Grenadian history.

Gairy also returned to Grenada from exile. He tried to regain political power without any success until he died. However, in spite of the political division, Grenadians in general love the Mighty Sparrow unconditionally.

Jamaican artiste Tommy Lee Sparta denied entry into Dominica

ROSEAU, Dominica, Monday February 24, 2014, CMC – The main organizer of a concert that was due to have featured the Jamaican artiste, Tommy Lee Sparta, says he is likely to file a habeas corpus in order to get the singer and two others released from detention after they were refused entry into Dominica on Sunday night.

Sparta, who uses the stage name “Uncle Demon,” was due to headline a concert in Portsmouth, north of here.

There has been no official statement by the Immigration authorities, but the main organizer of the concert, Cabral Douglas, confirmed that the artiste and two others had been denied entry.

“They are CARICOM (Caribbean Community) citizens who should enjoy the free movement of persons especially artistes have free movement under the treaty (of Charguaramas governing the free movement of skills, labour, goods and services) to be able to move freely and work.

“They have been denied that right. They have been denied the right to visit Dominica and that will have implications for future individuals who wish to come to our country to extend their talents and to share with some of their cultural exchange, which is what the treaty, had been in place for,” Douglas said on the state-owned DBS radio.

“There is a possibility that serious lawsuit could result,” he said, adding that whether or not the Jamaican artiste was controversial, is immaterial to the fact that he is allowed to practice is craft freely under the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME).

He said the artiste had arrived in Dominica from Russia where he had been performing “and is being denied entry and access into Dominica.

“There is no justification whatsoever, that is outrageous,” he said, adding that efforts were being made to contact Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller to assist in resolving the matter.

“Hopefully the Prime Minister will intervene and if not, we will represent them in the High Court…to file a writ of a habeas corpus,” he added.

In a statement posted on his Facebook page, Sparta said he is a Caribbean Community (CARICOM) citizen and questioned the move by the Dominican immigration authorities.

“So them don’t respect Jamaicans? What them a deal wid? Sparta a go protest right about now!,” he wrote.

Tommy Lee Sparta Statement

(Credit: Tommy Lee Sparta Facebook Page)

The Dominica Association of Evangelical Churches (DAEC) has been calling for a boycott of the concert, here, featuring Sparta, whom it claims glorifies Satan during his performances.

“The Church further asks all Dominicans to take a stand and boycott the upcoming concert, thus signaling a strong message to all that we will not support anything that promotes violence and lawlessness in our beautiful country,” the DAEC said in a statement.

“The DAEC, in solidarity with the pastors, calls upon all evangelicals in Dominica to move in support of this march, as we stand against the powers of darkness and declare that Dominica is in the hands of the Great God Jehovah who has rule over the Universe,” the statement said.

Two former monarchs in Trinidad calypso finals

PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad, Monday February 24, 2014, CMC – Two former monarchs were named in a list of 11 calypsonians who will contest the 2014 Calypso Monarch competition on March 2 at the Queen’s Park Savannah, as Carnival activities continue here.

Weston Rawlins, “Cro Cro,” and Dr Hollis Liverpool, “Chalkdust,” were named among the 11 singers late Saturday following the semi-finals at Skinner Park in San Fernando, south of here.

They will come up against the reigning Monarch, Eric Taylor, the “Pink Panther.”

The other finalists named are Brian London, Alana Sinette Khan, Skatie, Kurt Allen, Myron B, Chucky, Bodyguard, Mr Shak and Queen Victoria.

Reasons That I Change to LED Lamps

This is my countdown of 7 reasons to changing to LED lamps:

#7 – Dimmable for Mood Lighting

The light from a LED is purer. That means lights with LED bulbs can be dimmed and still retain their color. The light from incandescent bulbs yellow when they are dimmed.

#6 – Soft, warm glow

Some users prefer incandescent bulbs because they give off a soft, warm glow of light. Older LEDs gave off a glaring light that was harsh on the eyes. Now LED bulbs can match the soft glow of the incandescent bulb.

#5 – Versatility

LEDs can be made in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes.That means they can be made to replace almost any bulb. With LED bulbs, you can have low energy lighting for everything from holiday decorations to overhead lighting.

#4 – Silent

Have you ever had a bulb at work that gives off just enough of a humming sound to completely disrupt your concentration? LED bulbs are solid state and so will never make thrumming, ticking, or pinging noises.

#3 – Not Full of Toxic Mercury (fluorescent bulbs have mercury vapor)

Compact fluorescent lights, CFLs, contain mercury. This toxin has been associated with brain damage, birth defects, and other conditions. That means that if you’re using a CFL and it goes out, you can’t throw it in the trash. And if one gets broken it’s a tricky and hazardous clean up.

#2 – They Are Safer

Have you ever had a light bulb that burns out after it’s been on for a while? Those suckers get hot. The heat that burns your fingers can also be a fire hazard to your home. LED bulbs work so efficiently that they stay cool to the touch, even after having been on for hours.

#1 – They Save the Environment While Saving Me Money

LED lamps do not use flimsy filaments like other bulbs which makes their lifespan much longer. LEDs can last for more than 30,000 hours. That’s many times longer than incandescent bulbs. Longer life means fewer replacement bulbs, saving money.

They are also way more energy efficient than other bulbs. Only 20% of an incandescent bulb’s energy is used for light, the other 80% is lost to heat. LED bulbs are the opposite, only losing 20% of their energy to heat. And they only need 10% to 20% of the power to produce the same amount of light as an incandescent bulb. That means lower energy bills.

Both of these money saving features is also great for the environment. Fewer replacement bulbs means less waste, and needing less power to run means lower carbon emissions.

LEDs have been lighting up televisions, calculators, and cell phones for years. After my next trip to the store they’ll be lighting my home. Then I can sit back and enjoy saving money by not buying another bulbs for years to come.

You are welcome to come to our site and read more useful contents that may help you understand LED lamps better.

By Anna Linn

Business Attire For Women – 5 Tips To Help You Dress For Success

Stores increasingly stock women business suits these days because of the growing numbers of women who occupy executive positions these days. As a career woman, you definitely should acquire the skill of being well dressed. In fact, you should always dress for the position you aspire to instead of the one you currently occupy. If you are confused about what comprises the best possible business attire for women then the following tips will definitely be of great use to you.

1. Buy at least one stylish suit that becomes the mainstay of your wardrobe. There are excellent designer suits for women available these days. Make the most of it by wearing the jacket and pants separately from time to time. High quality outfits made of wool or woolen blends will look absolutely fabulous and they will actually offer you better value for money in the long run than cheaper outfits made of polyester or rayon.

2. Pick up a well-tailored blazer that can be paired with a variety of outfits. For instance, it could easily be worn with pencil skirts, classic sheath dresses or even long skirts for women who prefer to have a more feminine appearance.

3. Leave all your sexy outfits at home because they have no place at work. Skirts should never be above the knee and shouldn’t reveal your thighs when you sit. In addition, cleavage should never be displayed. While high heels are perfectly fine, stilettoes are a strict no-no as are stripper heels. Don’t be misled by the business attire for women that you might see on television shows or movies.

4. While conservative colors are the norm, you can also experiment with a variety of colors and textures when you buy your clothes because this helps you express your personality. For instance, even a button down shirt doesn’t have to be boring and commonplace. At the same time, the colors and patterns you wear shouldn’t cry out for attention, especially if you are in the banking industry.

5. Change your wardrobe to reflect any fluctuations in weight. Business suits for women look best if they are well fitting and expertly tailored. The correct business attire for women makes the wearer look reliable and competent rather than flashy. You should also choose your accessories with a great deal of care in order to complement your overall look. Grooming yourself is also an important part of dressing for your job.

By Manzoor Mohammed

How To Attract Wealth in 3 Simple Steps

Almost everybody probably wants to know how to attract wealth into their lives. It doesn’t really matter where you are right now or what situation you may face in the future, everybody has the exact same opportunity in front of them to learn the exact techniques involved to attract all the wealth they will ever need.

So read on as I reveal to you the simple 3 step process that I and countless other successful business people use to attract massive wealth.

How To Attract Wealth in 3 Simple Steps.

Step 1. Mindset is Everything.

If you truly would like to learn how to attract wealth into your life, then you need to focus on your mindset first. What do I mean by this. Well, in the financial world there are only 2 mindsets you can adopt, these are a wealthy mindset or a poverty mindset. So what’s the difference between them?

Let’s talk about a wealthy mindset first: Rich people generally have a wealthy mindset. You only need to listen to the conversations that rich people have to understand this. They talk about abundance, prosperity, and making more money. They see opportunity not obstacles. They always find ways to make more money.

Now listen to a poor persons conversation: They talk about never having enough, how the government doesn’t do enough to help, how it is NEVER their fault. They ALWAYS see obstacles and reasons why they can’t make any money.

You see the difference right away. What you think about comes about. If you think and talk about “lack” then you will receive more “lack”. However, if you think and talk about “abundance” then you will attract the wealth of abundant opportunities – that exist all around you – into your life.

How To Attract Wealth in 3 Simple Steps.

Step 2. Gratitude is The Key.

Start EVERY day by being grateful for what you have. Start your day with this affirmation: ” I am so happy and grateful now for ALL that I have in my Life RIGHT NOW!”

Be grateful everyday for the food that you eat, the home you live in and even the air that you breathe.

Repeat this next affirmation by a mentor of mine, Bob Proctor, at least 6 times a day (and get as many other people to say it on a daily basis as well, as you can) ” I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me in increasing quantities, from multiple sources, on a continuous basis”

Finally, end every day with this affirmation ” I am so happy and grateful now that I am succeeding in EVERYTHING I do ”

Then immediately before you go to sleep, write down 5 things that you are grateful for having in your life. Count blessings NOT sheep.

Gratefulness works in conjunction with generosity, so having this abundance mindset will probably mean that you will find yourself being more generous to people around you. Your positive nature will also attract to you more like minded people as well, which of course will result in more conversations about wealth, which will attract more wealth into your life, and what a wonderful cycle of wealth attraction that is!

How To Attract Wealth in 3 Simple Steps.

Step 3. Your Wealth Attraction Plan

To some people wealth is ONLY about money. I will tell you that those people may well become wealthy from a monetary point of view, but spiritually they are probably not. You know the type, the egotistical businessman who is always boasting about his latest “deal” or the self-satisfied salesperson glorifying their latest commission pay check.

To the truly Wealthy person, it isn’t just about the money. Wealth can come in the form of family, friendships and happiness etc, if your plan to become wealthy does not include a spiritual aspect it WILL NOT be long lasting. So create your wealth attraction plan by following these next few steps:

a). Write down exactly what you want. (and make it BIG and SCARY)

b). Read it every day.

c). Be grateful for what you have.

d). Look for opportunities to mix with rich people, who share your ideals.

e). Never, Ever, Ever give up on your dreams.

Finally, don’t get comfortable, never settle for second best, and remember for you to have more you have to “be” more. So get out of your comfort zone, release yourself from the “pity party” open yourself up to the endless possibilities that exist and attract wealth into your life NOW!

By J Leuty

4 Most Common Christmas Decorating Mistakes You Should Avoid

When you are getting ready for Christmas, the first thing you have in mind is how to decorate your home for the holidays. However, there are far too many mistakes that we commit when prepping the homes for the upcoming festivities.

Know the most common mistakes you could have done in the past and learn how to avoid them this year.

Not Childproof

In your excitement to put together your theme for your décor, you forgot about the kids and pets. You should always keep in mind that pets and children tend to be more active and curious. They could be running around and knock over those glass displays or your chocolate lab might lick those fake snow you sprayed on your windows.

Overloaded Sockets

Twinkling lights and beautiful luminaries certainly creates a festive mood in the home. However, you have to make sure that you are not overloading your power sockets. Not only that, you should look out for protruding wires which could create accidents. Loose bulbs and overloading can cause electrical fires and electrical surge damage. Another reminder – don’t leave your lights on all night.

Theme Confusion

Décor should follow a specific theme. It doesn’t have to be about color motifs, you can experiment and stick to a flower, leafy or balls theme. Or maybe use recycled materials for decorations. You can mix and match your décor but always remember to stick to the main theme. You can accents all over the house but do not decorate each room differently.

Gifts Catastrophe

One of the most common mistakes during Christmas is mixing up the presents. When you are wrapping the gifts, make sure you have gift tags and gift cards at hand. Immediately after wrapping the presents, write down the recipient’s name. It could be easy to forget which one goes to your niece and which one you should give to your husband.

The spirit of Christmas is not manifested in the number of candy canes, wreaths and Santa decors you have in and out of the house. What’s more important than the decorations is keeping your home safe for your family and loved ones. House fires caused by electrical shortages are common during the holidays so be careful.

And more than that, the spirit of Christmas is about giving and spending time with the people you love. So, with the yuletide season fast approaching, keep these common mistakes when you are decorating the home.

By Mary L. James


How to Decorate Your Garden

Do you feel that your garden looks the same every time you look at it and it looks so boring? Or you are not anymore inspired and relaxed every time you see your garden? What could be the best thing to do with it? Well, decorating your garden should be the best solution to your problem!

Here are a few tips that could improve and make your garden more appealing and inspiring:

Add ornaments

Adding ornaments to your garden as a finishing touch could greatly improve the look of your garden. An example would be adding a wrought-iron gate that would mark as your entrance to your lovely garden. A lantern hung on your trees with lights would be very nice to look at especially during the evening. It adds an enchanting appeal to your garden. If you want to have a relaxing place on your garden, you might add a table and a bench made of wood or steel.

Create an outdoor room

As much as you would love to design your rooms inside, it is also nice to create an outdoor room where you can comfortably relax and relieve all the stress from work. A good example would be placing a pillar one of your pathways and adding some ornaments to make it more beautiful.

Match your exterior design to your interior style

Matching the style of your interior to your exterior design would extremely look amazing. Add those ornaments outside to make the theme of your home more appealing.

Improve your garden entrance

Dressing up your garden entrance can give it more mystery and enchantment on what it would bring to an ordinary stroll to your garden. It is best to have it connected to your passageways and paths. You can have the garden gate covered with vines, add some bougainvilleas that are potted, citrus trees or even palm trees.

Use furnishings

Adding furnishings to your garden would work best if they match the theme you have created. These furnishings should go hand in hand with the other ornaments and decorations you have used on your garden.

Outdoor decors should be suited for outdoor use

Make sure that any furnishings or ornaments you planned or used should be suitable for outdoor use. These should survive in any weather conditions so you will not have to buy another set of decorations because they are destroyed. You can choose from cheaper wicker chairs instead of those costly all-weather furnishings.

Light your garden

Adding some light to your garden can make it more romantic. You can even have your parties or dinners outside your garden if you have added lights to your paths. Hanging outdoor lanterns with light can make your outdoor garden decoration into a higher level.

Show off your plant collection

Buy pots that are beautifully designed and place your plant collection in them. Your plant collection would look better if they are displayed where everyone can appreciate and adore their beauty. If you have them hidden, they would soon die as you have forgotten them.

By Anne Lupton


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