We Mix Business with Pleasure.

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Wednesday March 5, 2014 – Sagicor Asset Management (SAMI) has reported a return of 8.48% for its Sagicor Select Growth Fund making it the best performing growth fund for the period January to December 2013. This return compared favourably with the local industry’s average return of 5.25% for growth funds.

The Sagicor Select Growth Fund is invested primarily in a diversified portfolio of other mutual funds with growth strategies and other select securities. The fund offers investors the opportunity to easily invest in a broad portfolio of funds by making a single investment.

Dexter Moe, Vice President, Investment Management Services, Sagicor Asset Management Inc. gave his thoughts on the driving forces behind the fund’s performance.

“In the present volatile investment climate, it is important to derive competitive returns for our investors while adequately managing potential downside risk. The Sagicor Select Growth Fund is a well-diversified portfolio, which allows clients to participate in domestic, regional and international financial markets and to spread their investment risk through exposure to various market segments.”

The fund is suited to individuals with a relatively long-time horizon and is expected to achieve long-term capital appreciation.

The 2013 performance of the fund follows a strong 2012 performance in which the Sagicor Select Growth Fund gained 10.5% and exceeded the industry average performance.

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