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PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad — The minister of national security, Senator Gary Griffith, is considering the use of pepper spray for citizens of Trinidad and Tobago as a personal safety measure for at-risk members of society.

Minister of National Security, Senator Gary Griffith

The use of pepper spray by law-abiding citizens will allow them, once the law is amended, to legally equip themselves in a manner that could save and preserve rather than destroy life.

Pepper spray is known throughout the world as a self-defence item. It is used by law enforcement agencies as a non-violent way to control dangerous situations. This self-defence item has evened the playing field for those who may not be as physically strong as the attacker from whom they need protection. Anyone who is either unable or unwilling to use force is still able to protect themselves in dangerous situations with pepper spray.

Griffith is advocating the use of non-lethal, yet effective equipment such as pepper spray, so that violent offenders can be warded off, giving women, children and other vulnerable groups an opportunity to escape falling victim to predators in society.

This initiative came out of a meeting that the minister had with members of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Association, which is in full support of this initiative. He also noted that this is a measure to protect law-abiding citizens who do not have firearms.

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