We Mix Business with Pleasure.

ST GEORGE’S, Grenada — In an unprecedented agreement, the government of Grenada has appointed the United States Regional Economic Development Authority (USREDA) to manage its Citizenship by Investment program. The appointment gives USREDA exclusive marketing rights under Section 10 (projects) and joint marketing rights under Section 11 (real estate). USREDA will manage the security and other aspects of the program.

Dr Keith Mitchell, prime minister of Grenada, declared, “Grenada and USREDA welcome qualified investors to join with us and to benefit from the provision of the long-term development and prosperity of this magnificent country.”

Section 10 (Projects)

The government of Grenada has established the National Transformation Fund as a new investment vehicle for the transformation of Grenada’s economy. In partnership with USREDA, this Fund will assist with new and innovative investment alternatives for a country rich in natural resources, with a growing economy, and a world-class educational system. Grenada is perfectly positioned for 21st century opportunities.

Section 11 (Real Estate)

Grenada is an island paradise with largely undeveloped beaches and steep volcanic ridges rising from a deep blue Caribbean ocean. Real estate projects will include high-end housing, hotels, and tourism.

Why invest in Grenada?

• An independent democracy since winning independence in 1974, Grenada is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, and enjoys a special E-2 Treaty status with the United States.

• Grenada’s citizens take pleasure in a peaceful, crime-free lifestyle while still enjoying modern conveniences.

• Grenada is beautiful, and largely undeveloped. Grenada’s territorial waters border some of the richest oil fields on earth, and some think that by 2020, it may be the richest per-capita nation in the world.

• Participant investors will be granted preferred investor status, and will be eligible to share in the profits from oil and natural gas, as described in the treaties between Grenada and its oil-rich neighbors, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago.

• Every Grenadian citizen is allowed a passport, which permits freedom of travel to many countries.

Joe Walsh, president and CEO of USREDA, is passionate about the future of the partnership with Grenada.

“USREDA is committed to leveraging its experience and unique position as a global, investment-based immigration provider to build wealth without borders for Grenada and foreign investors alike,” he said.

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