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If you have been preparing meals in the same old and staid kitchen for a number of years, then you may be thinking that now is the time to make some cosmetic changes to your kitchen’s appearance. Or, it may simply be the case that you are planning on putting your home onto the real estate market, and you want the kitchen to look more appealing to potential buyers. If you think that your kitchen is looking in need of some attention, then you can add much needed value to it by changing those old and boring Formica countertops, for something more pleasing on the eye.

Granite, Quartz and Stone Countertops

As ubiquitous as countertops covered in Formica are, they are cheap and nasty looking, as well as easy to damage, and they are susceptible to melting due to the placement of hot pots and pans. If you are looking for a more attractive and hard wearing substitute, then you should consider having countertops fitted that are made from stone or other hard wearing materials.

You may be under the impression that stone countertops are expensive and way beyond your budget, however, the price of stone countertops has fallen dramatically in recent years, and they are now more affordable than ever. Marble is still an expensive material for countertops; however, some stone countertops are much lower in price, such as soapstone and granite for example.

Adding Resale Value

One of the main benefits from installing stone countertops to your kitchen is the fact that it can actually add value to your home. The fact that stone countertops can last a lifetime, which means that they are a sound investment, as well as looking much nicer than boring old laminate countertops. So even if you are not planning on selling your home in the immediate future, stone countertops can add much needed financial and aesthetic value to your home. It is often said, by real estate agents, that the appearance of the kitchen in a home can often be the deciding factor when the time comes for potential buyers to make an offer on your property. Therefore, installing stone, granite or quartz countertops, can really affect the way that people see your house or apartment.

Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas as to why now, is a good time to install stone countertops, and to get rid of those boring old laminate ones, because, not only do they look good, they can even help to boost your chances of selling your home when the time comes.

When carrying out a kitchen remodel, added touches like granite countertops can really make a huge difference. If granite is not your taste then you may even consider natural slate kitchen countertops.

By Monika Kay

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