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ST GEORGE’S, Grenada (GIS) — The government of Grenada said it has declared war on unemployment, with hundreds of jobs coming on stream and a major offensive underway, which is expected to spur economic growth and development.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell said that at least 10,000 people could find employment on a temporary basis, with several government-driven initiatives on stream.

Despite the tough economic situation, government has embarked on a number of projects that are resulting in thousands finding temporary jobs.

They include the de-bushing program, which began on July 1, employing 445 gangs of seven around the country.

There is also the farm subsidy program, which will employ between 1,600 – 2,000 workers and the concrete road program, which will also provide employment for many, as the government seeks to energize the economy.

In his first official press conference, five months after being overwhelmingly returned to office in February, Mitchell the reiterated government’s commitment to the empowerment of people.

He said that the workforce will be increased in the next two months with hundreds of jobs coming on stream, as promised.

He is heartened by this development.

“The workforce is about 40,000, so if we have now 3,500 persons working for the two months and you add another 3,000 who may be there for another two years, and another 1,500 with the concrete road project and special projects, will take the number to 8,000 workers,” Mitchell said.

He also spoke about other jobs coming on stream with the construction of the House of Parliament, expected to start soon, the St Mark’s mitigation project, two manufacturing projects underway in Frequente and the Sandals Hotel project, which is already providing employment for many.

“We’re not even talking those. We are looking at around 8,000 from government initiatives alone; so you could be talking about 10,000 persons, who will be off the unemployment line,” he said.

“We are going to see a serious dent to the employment at least temporarily in the country,” Mitchell told the press.

The Grenada leader is also upbeat about new jobs in the private sector, as the ‘new economy’ takes shape.

He spoke about some 200 young people, who have been trained for the cruise tourism industry, by a family in New Hampshire, who have done a wonderful job.

“The cruise line people are so impressed with them. They seem to be extremely successful with almost everyone they train finding employment,” he said.

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