We Mix Business with Pleasure.

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013, St. George’s,  Grenada: The Management of Jab Jab village wishes to advise the public  that we were granted the relevant permission from the Commissioner of the Police  and the Spicemas Corporation a few weeks ago to carry on our Weekly activity  (every Sunday) at the Jab Jab Village in Morne Delice. We wish to make it  abundantly clear that our permit was NOT REVOKED as it is rumoured and that Jab  Jab village does not fall under the category of “unauthorized Jouverts”.

Jab Jab village is still on, every Sunday in Morne Delice, St David’s.  Our event (Sundays at Jab Jab Village) runs from 2pm – 10pm.

We wish to  thank the RGPF for their continued support shown to the ‘Real Jab Jab band’ and  to the Management of ‘Jab Jab village’ on a yearly basis. We also wish to thank  the general public who have supported and continues to support the ‘Jab Jab  village’ and the ‘Real Jab Jab’ Band.

See you this  Sunday

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Stephen ‘Slum’ Jacob
The Real Jab Jab
533 9955

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