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TORONTO, Canada — As part of the Canada Day Celebrations 2013, Canadian CTS TV aired its Weekender Show on Saturday, showcasing the achievements of immigrants who have contributed significantly to the life of the Canadian Society.

Among the immigrants highlighted was Grenadian-born Neals Chitan, president/founder of the Toronto-based Motiv-8 For Change International, a high impact social skill agency, which has made powerful impact across Canada, the USA, Africa, England and the Caribbean.

Neals Chitan

During the interview with host Drew Marshall, Chitan spoke of the challenges he faced when he left the security and safety of his parents’ home in Grenada 30 years ago to study and live in the “True North, strong and free.” He described his two-night stint with homelessness after having to leave the basement apartment where he lived and venture out into the unknown, with his only refuge being the Christie Subway Station, where he slept till rescued by his cousin Phyllis.

Now an international high impact speaker, he seized the moment during the interview to challenge and inspire young black men who face the daily obstacles of prejudices, unfair profiling and other social dysfunctions to rise up and soar to the mountain top exuberance of phenomenal success.

As a Canadian citizen, Chitan has carved his niche as a crime reduction specialist and is now a social skill vendor for the Toronto District School Board, the Toronto Community Housing Corporation and the United Nations Global Marketplace where, through his internationally recognized crime reduction campaign “Project Stop ‘n’ Think” he has impacted the lives of over 100,000 on three continents.

However, he has not forgotten the land that gave him birth and nurtured him. So over the last ten years he has frequently donated his powerful copyrighted social skill strategies and concepts to the ministry of social development, ministry of education, ministry of youth empowerment and ministry of health throughout Grenada.

Recently, he was invited to be the recipient of the “Outstanding Leadership Award” at the GNYAO Award Banquet in New York City.
As the CTS Weekender interview came to an end, Marshall exclaimed that he had never interviewed a guest who was so inspiring and passionate about his work, and off the air suggested another show to highlight individuals who have been impacted by Chitan’s work.

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