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ST GEORGE’S, Grenada (GIS) — Prime minister of Grenada, Dr Keith Mitchell, has told visiting World Bank officials in St George’s that his administration is eager to press ahead with public sector modernisation.

Mitchell met with officials of the World Bank to discuss matters related to public sector management and development. The mission is being led by Svetlana Proskurovska, public sector specialist at the World Bank.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell

“We have to take it from where it is. I am living it. I see it. Lack of production in results. Inefficiency and wastage, and we just have to radically change the system,” Mitchell said.

“We are moving with our diminished capacity. We will do what we have to do with our maximum capacity. I would want a bigger programme. We have to do something. We are very much behind,” he continued.

The mission of the World Bank officials is to evaluate two projects, namely the public sector modernization project (funded by way of a loan agreement, and was implemented between 2006 and 2013) and the strengthening personnel expenditure management project (funded by grant funds amounting to US$350,000 and implemented between September 2010 and March 2012).

Mitchell expressed his appreciation to the World Bank for the ongoing technical assistance in the area of public sector reform. Cognizant of the national debt challenges, Mitchell reiterated that the public service must function as a catalyst for national development, and that growing of the economy to create jobs and opportunities for citizens was paramount.

Mitchell also shared that implementation of public sector reform recommendations of previous projects is a key priority area, and that steps are being taken to strengthen the team of the department of public administration to ensure a high rate of implementation. He indicated that support from the World Bank would be needed in that area.

“Let us do less talking and take the process forward. We are bringing together some of the best workers in the system. We must attempt to get all the available soft resources that we can,” he said.

Mitchell also mentioned the need to advance technological development within the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) region, and that grant funding would be required to ensure that the right ICT infrastructure is in place to support the related services.

“I believe the present atmosphere is ripe for that sought of innovative action. I think we are on a good wicket if we get the support,” Mitchell said.

“It is an excellent time now for my government and International agencies to work this new paradigm,” he added.

Proskurovska expressed appreciation for the level of commitment at the policy level for public sector management and development.

Mitchell again pledged his support for public sector management in Grenada and the wider Caribbean, and urged the team of World Bank officials to work closely with the officers from the Cabinet Office and the Department of Public Administration to ensure that the necessary follow up programmes be developed.

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