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ST GEORGE’S, Grenada — Another step in Grenada/Venezuela relations will be taken this weekend in St George’s, Grenada.

Newly appointed Venezuelan ambassador to Grenada, Jorge Guerrero, and former Grenada foreign minister Peter David are among scores of people expected to participate in the formal launch of the Grenada Venezuela Friendship Association (GVFA).

“This is a further evolution of the relationship between two regional neighbours whose formal diplomatic ties span more than three-and-a-half decades. At the moment, we have a large Grenada expatriate population in Venezuela that has made that South American republic their new home,” said David, who is one scheduled speakers for the GVFA launch.

He’ll discuss Venezuela’s importance to Grenada and the Eastern Caribbean.

“Venezuela’s generosity to Grenada and the OECS countries in housing, infrastructure development and through the PetroCaribe arrangement is well-known across the Caribbean,” David said.

Guerrero, for his part, will examine recent developments in Venezuela, including the change in presidency two months ago.

Following the death of Hugo Chavez in March, former foreign minister Nicolas Maduro was elected in April as Venezuela’s new president.

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