We Mix Business with Pleasure.

The rebels thrown out
The party united – the party stronger – the leader bolder
Man of great vision steered from glen to glen
To the calm rivers of Babylon

Caught in a whirlpool and over the waterfall
Heartbroken and tattered — a call to the rebels – a call for help
Weakened and faint the roar of the waterfall drowns the dream to be saved
Bitter pills to swallow but swallow you must.

A new spring upon us
‘Tis the season for spawning and schools of salmon,
Thousands and thousands, in a glorious procession
Lead by Jonah the indomitable;
Joyous and in splendour
With vigour swim the rapids;
Raising a new generation with hope and vitality
Denying the bear — survival of the fittest
The lure of the ocean — swim free once again.

Kit Stonewalling

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