We Mix Business with Pleasure.

Nothing drives a focused person like myself more crazy than an unfocused person who has no idea what is best for themselves.

You know what I’m talking about. The type of person who has all the information laid out in front of them, they are one step away from making the right decision and yet, they still can’t decide or just make bad choices time after time. I have a person in my life who is like this…

Granted, that person is a 5 year old girl… It still drives me crazy.

“I want that piece of the pizza”, she will say as she grabs the largest slice of the pie and puts it on her plate. Thirty minutes later, two bites have been taken out of it and she is “full”, yet wants to take a second slice and eat the very same type of pizza off other peoples plates.

You have to say “no” and show her why that type of choice is wrong, time and time again until it registers in her little brain. That’s what being a parent is all about though. Continued, repeated guidance and repetition to help the little one fully understand what type of decision they are making and what would be most beneficial for them. After some time and accurate guidance, most children will begin to be able to make good choices.

As a parent you breath a huge sigh of relief, and then move onto the next behavioral flaw you want to improve with the ones you are charged with preparing for the world. Does this process remind you of anything that goes on in your business?

Essentially what you are doing is “marketing” good choices to your children. You show them why it would be best to do what you want them to do and eventually they do it. Key-word, EVENTUALLY… Quite often they don’t take your advice the first time it is presented.

Neither do new customers.

When you are advertising or marketing your own products or services, you know better than anyone what an obvious choice it “should be” for select customers. The people who are hearing your message may not pick up on the obvious so quickly though. That is why mediums like radio and TV act as the “parent” and continue to repeat and reenforce the message you want to communicate.

Just as you try to keep your message to your children clear and to the point, the message you put out on radio and TV should be on target and clearly show your the potential customer why your offering is the best solution to their problem. Do this time and time again, and you will very quickly find yourself in the company of well behaved children… or… customers. That how it should work “most of the time” anyway.

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