We Mix Business with Pleasure.

Dear Sir:

“A lesson in hypocrisy 101.1”

The scene outside courthouses at any parish in Grenada tells a troubling and sad story about the life of “Grenada’s abused and forgotten youth” – the harsh, shameful truth – a story of denial, and confusion. Many stand alone shaking with fear, others with the pseudo gangland style macho image that instantly vanishes before a magistrate. With no parent, no guardian, no legal counsel, it’s no bail and more jail.

The preoccupation with material things: new electronic gadgetry, up-market telephones, exotic cars, and a life of luxury are the “children of modern day parents.” Many 21st century “chic parents” have lost their bearing in the haze of modern technology; blinded by the thick “smog of materialism,” they abandon the search for straying birth children, leaving them lost and alone to fend for themselves in the cold and inhospitable world of reality.

The desperate and horrifying din from helpless souls crying for help never reaches telephone obsessed and texting addicted contemporary parents who isolate themselves in a universe of electronic fantasy. Pandemonium followed by waning cries sinking to oblivion breeds new defiant and destructive children born in a dark world where, the primitive instinct — survival of the fittest — is nature’s just law.

Youth of the new generation react in and to a social environment over which they have no control – created by and inherited from “human puppets,” influenced by modern scientific invention, cultivated capitalistic mentality, and primary investment in – not so subtle – psychic manipulation of vulnerable youthful parents who succumb to the temptation of materialism at the cost of home and family.

It is no accident of fate that Frenchmen speak French, Englishmen speak English and that the various peoples of the nations of Africa speak the languages and exhibit the mannerisms common to their respective communities; they react to the environment in which they were groomed. Changes occur only when they embrace the opportunity whether by chance or design to be indoctrinated in new cultural surroundings.

Our youth, as human beings are no different – they have the same emotions, feel the pain of indifference to their needs and know when they are ignored and rejected; they live at the fringes of society, abide by no law and become hardened in prison-cages unfit for animals. And suspicious of authority that, for the most part, labels them as un-ambitious lazy loafers content to live a life of drugs, crime and violence, the rage within intensifies. They are lost – live fast and die young!

We should all bow our heads in shame!

When we crave the things that the youth desire, when we secretly live the life we condemn; when we have low or no moral standards, when we scheme and cheat to be and have the best; when we have no limits to our greed, when we make a mockery of church to show off our new garments; when prayer is a ritual with no feeling or meaning, when we have lost all humility and compassion – how dare we now have the gumption to condemn the youth for following our footsteps!

A lesson in hypocrisy 101.1

Kit Stonewalling

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