We Mix Business with Pleasure.

By Lloyd Noel
Just a few days after 19 May, and the 100 days promise to start providing some jobs for unemployed roads maintenance workers, the contract for so doing got underway by the CCC Company in the parish of St Andrew – thereby fulfilling the NNP government undertaking given during the election campaign that won them all the seats.

Lloyd Noel is a former attorney general of Grenada, prominent attorney at law and political commentator

And for so doing it was good to hear the TAWU leader, comrade Chester Humphrey, giving praise to the new government and its leader, for that timely achievement on behalf of his members.

This is a very good start for the new controllers, and I am sure the workers who have been sitting idle for a very long time are very pleased that they voted in favour of the house, and not the heart.

Of course, it is hoped that very many of those who voted for the heart will also get some form of employment in the road works in the various parishes – because those in control are in charge and have equal responsibility for all workers and their families.

And with this almost bang-on achievement, in the promised 90 days to get the road works in motion, we can only keep fingers crossed in the hope and expectation that as many of the other promises for jobs provision will be forthcoming in due course.

From the grapevine news coming through the systems of operation, it is very clear that the government ministers and top line managers in various departments, are doing their best to try and get things moving, so that the almost dormant economy can be revived to start performing and producing to help the needy.

But it is not easy in the current circumstances, and our people will have to exercise some more patience and understanding to give the controllers the time to wake up the long-lasting systems and get them up and running again as soon as possible.

There is no doubt that the promise of incoming foreign Investors to our shores to start up new businesses and thus provide very needy jobs for our thousands of unemployed is very crucial in getting our economy moving again, and the controllers should do all in their power to get that system in operation.

Many of us have expressed concern about the idea of granting those Investors citizenship of Grenada because of the problems encountered by our people in Canada especially, due to the sale of Grenadian passports to all Tom, Dick and Harry worldwide – and those persons entering Canada and taking up residence there as Grenadian nationals.

So that, while we need the investors to come and help provide some jobs, those in control have to be very careful about who they are bringing, and upon what level and manner of conditions provided.

It cannot be overstated that, while we all want to see the economy up and on the move again, and our people in need of employment finding jobs to support their families, we cannot afford to go back to those days of political scandal and mudslinging about our new leader in control.

And while it is expected that the badly defeated lot in opposition will be looking in every corner, and over and above and under every project that comes up from wherever, those in control have to put their house in order to be able to deal with the criticisms and complaints as and when they come up from the other side.

And this is of particular importance, because the losers have no say in the Lower House of Parliament where the decisions on all issues will be made, and simply sent to the Upper House to be rubber-stamped, because the government also controls the majority in that setting.

But being ready and prepared to deal with the opposition elements in the Upper House – that level of responsibility and due regard for the minority opinion in opposition will at least demonstrate that the government in absolute control is still very cognizant of the minority, which obtained over 20,000 votes in the recent elections.

And that manner of dealing with the opinion of the minority at the seat of power would be an important plus for the controllers in showing that they are the government of all the people of the tri-island state, and not just the NNP voters.

The new controllers, and Dr Keith Mitchell in particular, as the prime minister who is now in charge of government for the fourth time, and who has led his team in winning all fifteen seats for the second time, should endeavour to make the most of this very unique state of affairs, by rising above the usual petty political melee, and be seen as setting new standards that others may very well wish to emulate rather than criticize and oppose.

And just as importantly, in the context of attracting foreign investors to our shores, to help provide the needy employment opportunities for our people – should the proper procedures be followed, and due regard extended to all and sundry, so that the conditions and the atmosphere combine in producing a very peaceful setting – that state of affairs will also be a readymade attraction for the very investors to wish to come calling.

The need to score petty political points, and engage in brango and name-calling, can be put aside for years and the time spent scoring political mileage and enhancing the members’ and the party’s image and credibility for the future campaign.

The promised jobs have begun to come on stream – let us all hope that the success continues in the interest of all our people in need.

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