We Mix Business with Pleasure.

Dear Sir:

We are accomplishing much after only three months of forming the new government. A balanced budget on time, an extensive economic development program, creating employment, and the list goes on, but now is not the time to rest on our accomplishments.

There is so much more to be done for our country and people. Grenadians want to see Ambassador Denis Antoine returned to Washington DC, as our ambassador. People love his knowledge, his genius, his diffusion and affluence of conversation. He is an extraordinary man who has served his country well, hardworking, super ambitious, unselfish, focused and passionate. He has shared his extraordinary talents and visions with his fellow Grenadians in Washington, here and abroad. One of our best served ambassadors of high integrity and wide knowledge. A problem solver and life saver. I am glad he has touched so many lives in some measure and will continue to do so, helping to preserve our special place.

We have to restore Grenada’s dignity and glory. Grenada is achieving tremendous success in domestic and international affairs. Democracy is the most reasonable form of government, for in it every one submits to the control of authority over his actions, but not over his judgment and reason, seeing that all cannot think alike, the voice of the majority has the force of law.

Intelligent, nonpolitical casino development in Grenada can stimulate regional growth. We need to work around the clock on ideas to generate economic activities and job creation. Our success thus far shows our capacity for achievements. The stressful economic times we are facing and the last five years of dysfunction in Parliament have created many challenges for us to meet. We must continue to aim higher and work harder. The people of Grenada deserve nothing less.

We need to allocate money in the budget for stronger domestic violence protection for women and children. We need to impose tougher jail sentences on those sexual predators who commit incest with their daughters, those who commit rape against our elderly, and those perverts impregnating our nine- and twelve-year-old girls, and our teenagers.

We are constantly bombarded by media stories of our children as young as nine years old becoming pregnant by men who should be protecting them.

“The irony of this age of consent for sexual intercourse is somewhat baffling. A 15- or 16-year-old child is considered too young to marry or to even vote in national elections. Yet that young person can have sexual intercourse at this age. What hypocrisy. What wickedness and base immorality some of our leaders have subscribed to in the country’s laws. This is because a 15-year-old is vulnerable and can hardly resist the twenty dollars or the box of KFC or pizza that is offered her. That makes her an easy prey for any of those perverts listed above,” says Mr Gersham Alexander.

Children are the most powerless to counteract problems, they need protection from their parents and government in order for them to survive and flourish. Some men in Grenada are committing unspeakable sexual crimes against our young children. Grenada’s attorney general needs to outwit those ruthless pursuers who are targeting our innocent girls. This sadistic horror on our children must stop.

We have to be motivated and able to devote time and attention needed to get the best protection for them. The best thought of truth is the power of the thought to get the message out with passion and professionalism. We writers need to stand out from the herd but through understatement, not overstatement, and that’s a delicate and treacherous art. It’s up to Mitchell’s New National Party government and our communities to solve the problem.

There has been no arrest in the case of the very young girl who was impregnated recently, which is quite mind-boggling to me. This should have been a no-brainer when news of this hit the Attorney General’s Office, this should have been a no-brainer when news of this hit the airwaves.

Grenada’s attorney general cannot continue to serve effectively in a position that demands the highest levels of leadership, responsibility and public accountability. This behaviour is causing outrage among Grenadians abroad and, despite the concerns, the attorney general has not demonstrated that he will be making any arrest soon or at any time in that young girl’s rape case.

Where are the indictments, Mr Attorney General? You were entrusted to act in the best interest of the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique. You have violated that trust. Those culprits must be brought to justice. Some prominent Grenadian local businessmen and politicians are squawking to one another that the negative publicity is “making us all look bad”; they have a point. But, please understand, our children are the ones who needs protection and they should get it from our politicians and elected officials. They must find a way to protect our children and women from any and all abuse and violation against them.

Grenadians such as Mr Denison George, Mrs Michelle Stewart-Nelson, Louise Noel Ambrose, Junior George, Country Joe, Ms Karlene David and others are taking on the fight. Our society needs to realize that rape is a serious crime; it is a felony. Grenada’s attorney general needs to start charging men who commit crimes of this level as criminals. The NNP government needs to introduce mandatory maximum sentences for crimes in which rape and murder are committed.

I must acknowledge that the actions of well-meaning men are better than those of men with ill intentions but it will take more than one or a few to make real change. Let us talk about Grenadian women politicians and what if anything, they are doing or have done for women who have been abused or murdered by husbands or boyfriends. Where are the voices of the Grenadian women politicians denouncing these acts of insane violence? Where are their calls to end these murders and rape? Grenadian women need to recover their lives, not spend their lives in recovery.

We are calling on the relevant authorities to look into this serious wave of violence against our women and children. Calling on the attorney general and the minister of legal affairs to take their roles seriously and take control, and be the ones to curb the ongoing situation by providing resources, education, and imposing the laws to its fullest to individuals who break it.

Helen Grenade

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