We Mix Business with Pleasure.

ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA, Tuesday, April 30, 2013: Minister of Economic Development, Trade, Planning and Cooperatives, Hon. Oliver Joseph, will leave the state tomorrow to Chair the thirty-sixth meeting of the Council for Trade and Economic Development (COTED), from May 2 – 3, 2013, in Guyana. Minister Joseph will be accompanied by Dr. Patrick Antoine, Chief Policy Advisor on Finance, Planning, Trade and Economic Development.

Grenada has made a submission entitled “Confiscation of Honey exported to Trinidad and Tobago”, and this item will be one of the main discussion points of the meeting.

Another item down for discussion on the Agenda is the Strategic Direction for the COTED. The Thirty-Third Meeting of the COTED (November 2011) had agreed that there was need for a special session of the COTED dedicated to examining its strategic focus based on priorities identified by the Heads of Government for the Community and the implications of the global environment in achieving strategic objectives.

Other items down for discussion include:

– Consolidation of the Single Market and Economy;

– External Economic and Trade Relations;

– Issues Affecting the Trade in Agriculture;

– Implementation of Issues Related to the 10th EDF; and

– Issues relating to Standards, including the Regional Standards for Rice and Liquid Chlorine Bleach.

COTED, made up of the Ministers of the member states of CARICOM with responsibility for the promotion of trade and economic development of the Community, including, but not limited to :

(a) Promoting the development and oversee the operation of the CSME;

(b) Evaluating, promoting and establishing measures to enhance production, quality control and marketing of industrial and agricultural commodities so as to ensure their international competitiveness;

(c) Determining and promoting measures for the accelerated development and marketing of services;

(e) Promoting and developing policies and programmes to facilitate the transportation of people and goods;

(f) Promoting measures for the development of energy and natural resources on a sustainable basis; and

(i) Promoting and developing, in collaboration with the Council for Foreign and Community Relations, co-ordinated policies for the enhancement of external economic and trade relations of the Community.

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