We Mix Business with Pleasure.

Dear Sir:

I became comrades with Ian Francis due to our activities as writers
Our interest created communication, even though sometimes we had different opinions about certain issues.

We used to communicate and talk about issues pertaining to Grenada.
Our conversations were about Grenada history
In terms of people and politics.

The day before Mr Francis died, which was a Friday
He phoned me and we talked about Grenada French Creoles
And the role some French Creoles played in our society
However, there were no signs that he was sick
He was very much alert and full of enthusiasm to his research and to write articles on various topics.

Unfortunately, the next day, which was a Saturday
I got the bad news that Mr Francis died suddenly
I could not believe that he really died.
It was a shock to me
I phoned his number the next day and his daughter answered
She told me that he died
I still could not really believe, even though she was telling me the truth

However, I will miss Ian Francis
I know his readers will miss his articles too
Whether or not they support his opinion
He was not a coward.  He was courageous with his writing skills
He was not afraid to write and he had the strong urge to write with clarity to make an impact
About the social and political issues based on our Grenada

Basically, I can say that he was one of the very few Grenadian writers
Whom I ever had communication with to discuss
He will always reminds me of friends, during the time I was active in literary groups in Toronto
He will surely be missed.

I hope other Grenadians will follow his footstep and write.
Even though writers make new friends and lots of enemies
Just because of writing.

May his soul rest in peace.
And his family remain strong in their time of sorrow that sometimes feel like pain.

Hudson George

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