We Mix Business with Pleasure.

Dear Sir:

In the competitive and quickly evolving world of politics, credibility is defined by flexibility, the ability to change with the tide and deliver; it stands at the cross roads to acceptance of the political directorate: success, money, power, transcendental admiration and the legacy of Queen Nefertiti – if the right cards are played.

It seems that this time around Dr Mitchell has gotten it right. Four and a half years of inspection and retrospection seemed to have made the positive impact in uniting and capturing the soul of the nation to stimulate and direct the national economy to acceptable levels of sustainability in the medium and long terms.

With his new dispensation, PM Mitchell has broken the shackles of colonialism and gained creditability with a remarkable and inspiring budget presentation to his nation. He is an exciting leader who must now deliver.

Short term spurts with CCC coming on stream and the reduction in VAT to 5% on construction material: sand (50% reduction in cost), cement, roofing materials, steel, lumber and construction blocks “… with effect from the 1st May 2013 to December 31, 2014: ….” has – from confirmed sources in building, real estate, and investment organizations – heighten investor confidence with a new thrust to liberalizing the lending policies of banks and other financial instructions.

“An enlightened foreign policy that puts people not ideology at the centre …VAT concessions to be enjoyed equally when the product is sourced locally as when it is imported… modernize the Physical Planning Division to ensure efficient and timely approval of physical development plans, essential for the revival of the construction sector…” has spawned high optimism among CEO’s in major economic /business/job and revenue creation sectors: building and construction, tourism; agriculture, manufacturing; trade unions, banking and financial, and communication services.

The road ahead is steep, narrow and treacherous; our forefathers have successfully walked that path many times before. We have the inherited DNA of perseverance and success – let us march on united and fearlessly – “ever forward, never backward.”

Foreign and regional governments and institutions having observed the democratic process at work in Grenada — free and fair elections with no violence and a functioning parliament — now feel a greater degree of comfort in working with the present government offering new assistance packages on better terms and restructuring more favourable loan repayment arrangements, easing the financial burden on our people en route to economic stability.

No matter how sincere, there has never been even a single documented case of prayers performing political miracles. The miracle that, God helps those who help themselves has had a clear record over the ages; it works, fait accompli!

Getting into the trenches with the people and inspiring hope: giving a shoulder to ease the burden and pain of the destitute, lending an ear to the aspirations and dreams of a forgotten generation of youth and responding to their unique needs bridging the generation gap; reaching out with the olive branch of friendship and tolerance to those who boldly dare to differ from mainstream ideals and ideas – these are the prayers that lead to the difficult, long and rugged yet uncertain road to a political miracle.

Kit Stonewalling

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