We Mix Business with Pleasure.

By Hudson George

Sauteurs Port Project has become a popular topic of discussion among Grenadians at home and in the Diaspora. On social media sites where Grenadians communicate with each other regularly, they are making the port project a big political issue. And because Sauteurs is the capital of St Patrick, which is the parish in the northern part of Grenada, some critics mainly from St George parish are making negative comments, while the other group of critics is not supporting the project because they are traditional anti NNP for other political reasons.

Hudson George has a BA in Social Science from York University, Toronto, Canada. He has been writing since his early teenage years and now contributes letters and articles to a number of Caribbean newspapers

However, I was born and raised in Hermitage, St Patrick and I know that most of the negative comments about Sauteurs Port Project are twofold. A handful of southerners from the St George parish are against the port project and their negative views toward citizens in St Patrick are a historical thing. When Grenada was finally colonised by the British, the people who were living in capital city St George’s were brainwashed to dislike rural folks from the outer parishes. They were taught by the British to look down on outer parish citizens as second class. However, it was tactic used by the British as a means to divide and conquer.

In addition, some citizens in St George parish kept that legacy of hatred against rural Grenadians and they passed on that culture to their children and grandchildren. I remember meeting an educated Grenadian young lady from St George parish, about twenty years ago in Toronto and she told me that her grandparents taught her to believe that Sauteurs people are stupid. She told me, had believed what they told her, but as she became an educated woman, she realised that they lied to her.

However, during the conversation, I asked her what the reason was why her grandparents told her Sauteurs people are stupid. She said that they believed the Caribs were fools to jump over the Leapers Hills, during the war with the French colonisers. I laughed and told her that the Caribs were not fools. They fought and died for their right and the residents of St Patrick presently are mostly of African origins. She admitted that her grandparents were talking nonsense.

So due the political melee about this port project, the old negatives of the past are surfacing and some Grenadians just cannot control their political emotions, therefore, they are making stupid comments.

On a very popular social media website where Grenadians communicate daily, there are comments that were made to disrespect St Patrick citizens. One poster made comments and said Sauteurs doesn’t even have roads, the government doesn’t know what they doing to build seaport up there. Other posters are saying that St George’s Port is the only one needed because Grenada is too small to have two major seaports.

With all the negative old talk about Sauteurs and St Patrick by a handful of distracters and haters, I believe that Sauteurs is the best place to build a new port because there was a major harbour in the town up to the fourth decade in the 1900s. It was in Sauteurs, St Patrick, where the first group of East Indians arrived in the middle 1800s after slavery was abolished and the Africans slaves got their freedom and British colonisers were short of estate workers.

As a small boy growing up in St Patrick I listened the older folks talk about the Sauteurs Harbour and how residents used to travel on the boat from Sauteurs to St George’s and back after doing their business on the same day. So when I read the nonsense some foolish Grenadians are making about Sauteurs, I wonder why our people are so quick to make statements that lack facts, just to justify their political desire. And I am still asking myself why some educated Grenadians cannot control their political emotions that cause them to bring out the hidden thoughts they have deep inside them.

Anyway, I support the Sauteurs Port Project. I know for sure it will bring economic prosperity for us in the north and it will open the gates for Grenada to the world.

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