We Mix Business with Pleasure.

ST GEORGE’S, Grenada (GIS) — Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell has once again declared that his administration is ushering in a new era of co-operation with the social partners in Grenada.

Declaring that the government “is moving aggressively to engage the unions, in a new era in which strikes and lockouts should be the last resort,” the prime minister told the annual conference of the Trades’ Union Council, that all sectors can either “move forward together, or stagnate apart.”

Mitchell’s declaration was part of his feature address at the Grenada Trade Union Council’s 11th Biennial Convention held on Saturday under the banner “Creating a New Environment for the Social and Economic Advancement of Workers.”

The prime minister and Madonna Harford, the president of the Trades’ Union Council, both emphasized that this has to be a new engagement between the workers and the government.

In this vein, they both addressed plans for healthcare review policies for workers, increasing worker productivity, engaging the nation’s youth, encouraging entrepreneurship and changing the attitude towards work among citizens, in the face of economic challenges locally and globally.

Mitchell said that government is prepared to “walk the talk” and create a new culture where “high productivity is second nature; a culture in which the only permanent nature of a worker’s job should be his performance.”

The prime minister’s message was consistent with Harford’s plea in calling for government to place the nation’s young people at the centre of economic policies, and to work together to increase worker productivity nationwide.

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