We Mix Business with Pleasure.

Dear Sir:

Much has been done by the Tillman Thomas administration to restore Grenada’s good name in the international community, after the country was referred to by many as one of the most corrupt nation on the planet.

The selling of our passports by the Keith Mitchell administration to foreign crooks and criminals like Restiner and others saw Grenada paying the heavy price of being blacklisted and its citizens being denied entry without visa to Canada.

Once again, as the new Keith Mitchell administration settles down, there are talks of early plans by the government to introduce a citizen by investment programme.

Obviously, such a programme will involved the reintroduction of the selling of our passports to foreigners; these people may never grace our shore to engage in any sort of foreign direct investment. The selling of our passport for foreigners will always pose a serious threat to our country’s national security and citizens on the whole, since the holders of these passports can hide in Grenada’s name to do their dirty work of crime and criminal activities as was done in the past, while Grenada gets the stain and blame in exchange for a few dollars.

Given the global economic crisis and the huge debt that is affecting Grenada and other small island states currently, our governments are forced to look for new and innovative ways to force themselves out of the crisis, since most of these small island states including Grenada no longer have thriving economies.

Gone are the days when cocoa, nutmeg and banana were known as the three main crops in Grenada, aided by the sugar cane industry and the production and export of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, which saw the annual exportation of tons of these produce to Trinidad.

Today, I challenge any one of you to walk or drive around Grenada and see for yourself that most of these agriculture lands that were under heavy cultivation with the use of primitive agriculture implements are either occupied by dwelling houses or totally overgrown by forests.

If we as a people have to seriously grapple with the current crisis that is before us, we have to look inwardly at all the available resources at our disposal and rethink our strategy for agriculture, agri-business, fisheries and such like, by first embarking on a serious plan of action to educate the public in order to take these industries to another level.

The get rich quick culture and mentality adopted by our people will always have us hanging our hats where our hands cannot reach. Instead our people should be prepared to work hard as an independent nation to achieve a level of food security and self-sufficiency.

As I close this episode, I just want to remind you that when the idea of the offshore sector was thrown at us, we all saw it as the solution for Grenada woes at the time but in the end it did more damage to Grenada’s good name, since these banks were operated and used to carry on criminal activities by way of fraudulent dealings.

Casino gambling, passport selling and fraudulent offshore banks is certainly not the way to go to take Grenada out of this economic crisis. This type of investment will only lead to the erosion of the country’s good name and lead us into a deeper crisis in the future. Instead, let us as Grenadians put our hands to the wheel, roll up our sleeves and prepare to work hard with the resources the good Lord has blessed us with …to nourish and protect the sanity of this little rock called Grenada.

I therefore call on all peace loving and law abiding Grenadians both at home and in the Diaspora to take a stand and speak out against this type of investment that will only lead to the moral and spiritual decay of this beautiful country

I thank you!

Jerry Marryshow

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