We Mix Business with Pleasure.

Dear Sir:

After attending NYU (New York University), Manhattan Community College in pursuit of her major in psychology and as a drug and alcohol counselor, and housing inspector in Manhattan and New York, Karlene David was eager to achieve career success in a competitive industry. But instead of competing with hundreds of candidates for a single low-paying, entry level position at a big Brooklyn Company, Karlene David launched her own hot beauty products trend in Brooklyn, New York, called EASYSPA2GO.

Her beauty products include, scented candles, coconut moisturizers, body butter, herbal soaps, soy scented candles of all kinds, salt and sugar scrubs, bath salts used both for healing and relaxing, healing oil baths, lip gloss, to glowing skin to fresh scents, Spring hottest beauty trends will leave you feeling renewed. Those are the must have beauty products to get the top look this season.

Like Ms David, a good portion of New Yorkers are graduating college into one of the worst economies in history, already saddled with debt. The unemployment rate for 25 to 34 year olds living in New York was 9.6 percent for this age group, said Martin Kohli, chief regional economist for the BLS.

In response many Grenadians and West Indians are starting their own businesses in New York. Entrepreneurship has been the big attractive mode for people in the under-50 age demographic. Meanwhile, the success of Caribbean entrepreneurs is a boom to New York business community. Miss David hails from Belmont, in St George’s, Grenada.

Most of these entrepreneurs represent the best that countries have to offer. They are not just business people; they are active in their communities and networking in business groups. “During the first three years you build your foundation and establish your reputation, and I have done that,” says Karlene David.

Karlene David said she used her life savings to start the business and it paid off. “There have been times when I wanted to throw in the towel, but I am really committed to continue to make it work for my country Grenada and New York, where I reside.”

“It’s always been a dream to own my own business. The time to try was when I did. If it didn’t work, I’d be able to go back to work for a company. But I’m lucky, because I didn’t fail. Nobody plans to fail, but many business owners fail to plan. It takes perseverance and dedication, day in and day out. You literally have to devote your life to it every single day for it to work,” she said.

Her products have brought great energy, optimism and enthusiasm to New York City residents and retailers. “Over the years, there had been great progress, we are opening up creativity, and it’s making people excited. My heart is in the right place, this was a great idea. We feel we should be a showcase to represent beauty products made in New York by Grenadians and other Caribbean nationals.”

No doubt that, in addition to an appreciation for the job and business, a Grenada expansion would bring, we are aware the company has become a key component of Grenada’s economic future. Miss David has a unique ability to understand her customers and develop strategies that helps her succeed.

“We are doing great, and are highly confident in our products. Sales have remained positive. Our growth is dictated by our customers. My business is the same one as when we went public five years ago, when it was built on a growing daily deals fad. I am a believer of not being afraid to try something new. Creating beauty products has been my consuming passion for the past five years.”

Chairwoman and CEO Miss Karlene David is a smart and well respected person in this industry, she is a great friend and somebody to look up to. She’s one of the class acts of her Industry and truthfully has the utmost respect of her peers.

She hopes to inspire other Grenadians; she is one of Grenada’s most talented entrepreneurs. One of her objectives is to have her products sold worldwide, and people can view her merchandise on Facebook. Miss David is a celebration of life and throughout her remarkable career continues to demonstrate that the purpose of life is a life of purpose. We are proud and committed to preserving Grenadian and West Indian heritage and culture by promoting the advancement of women of Grenadian ancestry. We need to support women through mentoring and International cultural exchange programs.

Karlene David’s never quit attitude and concern for others helped shape the life of her son, Mr Garvin David, who has already published two books, “Guilty Consequence” and “The Dog In Me”. You have to look at the entire family and see what their needs are. Miss David has shown tremendous leadership and courage. She is doing a phenomenal job in many, many aspects of country building. She is a great representative of Grenada values abroad. Her hard work, dedication and commitment is earning accolades. She has been recognized for the outstanding job she has been doing voluntarily.

Her products are bringing together people of all cultures and that’s why she is doing so well. Her products have a rich culture for people of colour and every skin tone. It’s a tremendous thing for all ethnicities to be cognizant of their culture and of their past will have no clue as to how to build upon the present to move into their future.

Over the years, hundreds of small Grenadian businesses have under-performed or failed entirely because customers didn’t know about them. The same is true in the online era. Unless your business appears on the first page or two of a Google, Bing or Yahoo search result, connecting with prospective customers will be very difficult.

Small businesses form the backbone of our communities, so the sooner we get them back to work, the sooner Grenada can fully recover from the economic troubles and continue to build our economy. Instead of dreaming about maybe becoming something or someone one day, you literally become what you are destined to become.

Sometimes the one thing that separates the dreamers from the doers is accountability, and for many people, accountability only comes from sharing the dream with other people thinking about your goals and counting on you to succeed is often a tremendously motivating factor. The ultimate goal is to be yourself while maintaining a level of respect and credibility.

Don’t just say this is what you want to do. Put the wheels in motion. Too often, people share wonderful ideas about what they want to do, but fail to implement the necessary steps to do so. Miss David is hard working and a perfectionist. The best and most powerful way to internalize your dreams is to interact consistently with someone who lives them.

Mentors are so critical in any industry. They are the people in the best position to tell you what actually works when it comes to planning your rise toward your goal.

Helen Grenade

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