We Mix Business with Pleasure.

ST GEORGE’S, Grenada –– The Grenada government says it’s opposed to people who infringe on the rights and privacy of others.

During the delivery of the throne speech last week, Governor General Sir Carlyle Glean warned that people who engage in wiretapping will feel the full force of the law.

“My government will not encourage or support any attempt to record private conversations and use them against citizens except for causes of criminalities,” Glean stated.

The subject was recently addressed by National Security Minister, Dr Keith Mitchell, when he met with members of the Royal Grenada Police Force.

He said the government is seeking to remove current legislation that gives the FIU the green light to go to the national security minister for the permission to tap phones must go soon.

Mitchell added that he strongly opposes the infringement on the rights of the private lives of people and would not support anyone engaged in tapping the phones of private citizens.

“We are going to pass legislation that gives the right of senior elements in the police force to seek permission from a judge and not from an ordinary person or politician,” said Mitchell.

The prime minister emphasized that politicians must not be involved in such practice because the temptation is there to use it for personal and political reasons.

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