We Mix Business with Pleasure.

Dear Sir:

The Grenada government has announced its intention to consider casino gambling on mainland Grenada. The government believes this can help boost tourism and also help create needed employment. The subject of casino gambling has been long debated in Grenada among several interest groups in our society, with the church playing a major role in these discussions while at the same time highlighting the ills casino gambling can create in a small developing country like Grenada.

What is very interesting here is that the former Prime Minister the Hon Tillman Thomas openly rejected the idea… since, according to him, Grenada is known as a Christian society, and casino activities can only help to erode the moral and spiritual health of the nation at the expense of a few tourist dollars, which one may eventually have to spend in the long run to police the said activities. Dr Mitchell, on the other hand, as leader of the opposition refused to state his position on such an important subject… but one month after the election and it is already a top priority

As a proud Grenadian who has lived here all my life and has a strong interest in the economic development of this beautiful country… other than casino gambling… I do hereby reject in no uncertain terms that casino gambling should never be allowed to enter the shores of Grenada in the name of economic gains. I am certain that Grenada will be far better off without it, since the ills will always outweigh the benefits.

I therefore call upon the NNP administration to reconsider and abandon the idea of casino gambling on mainland Grenada… whether it will be used by foreigners or by both locals and foreigners alike… please consider all the various ills that are associated with such activities in your deliberations.

I also call upon the churches and other interest groups in the society to remain vigilant in matters like these that can have an adverse effect on our nation for generations to come. Please let us not make the same mistakes like others make… and let us keep Grenada as the country with the lowest crime rate in the world with a people who are hospitable, friendly and kind. I thank you.

Jerry Marryshow

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