We Mix Business with Pleasure.

Dear Sir:

I am making a contribution to Teens Turn in the hope that what I have to say will reach the heart of the youths, politicians, parents, businessmen, teachers and society in general. It is a great thing you have done in giving the teenagers a chance to state their opinions and to defend themselves. Over the past couple of months we have heard a lot of criticism and reports about missing girls over the weekend period.

Before we go any further, we need to look at certain things that influence the teenagers’ minds, and the biggest influence is the television and the cinemas. Because of the growing trend of materialism and immorality shown in these films, teenagers visualize themselves in these positions.

This urges them to go after their fantasy, come what may: that’s when illicit sex and rebellion comes in. But should we be surprised since the Bible long foretold that these things must take place before the end comes?

Teenagers need to sit and think, try to find their identity and asks: “What am I doing? Is it right because everyone is doing it? What do I want out of life? Am I ever going to stop?” Only then would this rebellion against parents and children subside.

Until then there is nothing you, I nor parents can do to change anything. Teenagers also must remember that whatever they do now will definitely affect their lives later on. They need to realize that the teenage years don’t last forever, it’s over before you know it; also they need to look at the type of friends they choose to go out with. Do these persons respect older persons, especially their parents?

“Are my friends helping me to respect others and to be a good person? Are they reliable?” These are the questions they need to ask themselves. When it comes to choosing a loved one they need to ask: “Does that person really care about my welfare? Is sex the only thing keeping us together?” Remember anyone can say “I love you” but not everyone cares for you personally.

All these points teenagers need to look at before anything can happen to make life more enjoyable. But they need help from the adults that play prominent roles in society. Is it right for teenagers to be hanging out in discos from Friday to Sunday, and even on school nights?

And there is no law against this? Parents, do you allow your children to keep parties from Saturday night until Sunday morning? What type of persons do you allow them to invite to these parties? No. Stop. Think today. You might regret it tomorrow. Remember that no one, no man’s promises can make your life better or more meaningful, only you can stop peer pressure, social diseases, heartbreaks, dropping out of society, drug abuse, boredom, distress, and unwanted pregnancies.

Only you can stop these things from happening. Think about yourself, not your friends. Do you think your friends care what will happen to you over the next year or two? No one can influence you to do wrong; you have got to want to do wrong. Do you?

Think about it; care for yourself for no one else will. You may not agree with me now, but you will face these hard facts when you finish school or lose a close friend or when you are in trouble and you have to face it alone.

Helen Grenade

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