We Mix Business with Pleasure.

ST GEORGE’S, Grenada — Prime minister of Grenada, Dr Keith Mitchell, has sought to clear the air over allegations in some quarters that he has moved to dismiss Police Commissioner Wilan Thompson.

Mitchell has also expressed concern that some aspects of a private conversation he had with Thompson appeared to have been leaked.

The Grenadian leader met with the commissioner and other senior public servants in a series of separate meetings after the general elections.

“I never indicated to him that I would not want him to continue as police commissioner,” Mitchell said in an interview on Channel Six.

“I posed some questions of concern and decisions that were taken, which clearly to me demonstrate some measure of political activities, and clearly I have to be concerned, so I raised the questions to him to get clarification to hear his explanation,” he said.

Mitchell stressed that during his one and one meeting with Thompson he never indicated to him that he did not want him to continue as the country’s top cop. The prime minister said that, during the conversation, he did explain to Thompson that he was not satisfied with explanations provided on certain matters.

“I never said a word to him, I just received his explanation. I in some cases told him I didn’t necessarily share, understand and be satisfied with those explanations, but I said nothing more to him,” Mitchell said. “The next thing I am hearing… after a private conversation he and I alone had, some elements of it were in the street and in some cases blatant lies about the conversation, twisted to make me look bad as if I was trying to hound him out of office, and it’s unfortunate that someone who was chosen to be a police commissioner could behave in that manner.”

Mitchell said he believes Thompson, who was appointed to the position in September 2011, replacing James Clarkson, has since gone on extended leave.

“I think the police commissioner from what appears to be happening, has seemed to have decided to change himself without being told specifically that there needs to be a change,” Mitchell added.

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