We Mix Business with Pleasure.

CALIFORNIA, United States, Monday March 4, 2013 – While Rihanna is known to love her fans, there’s one she doesn’t want anything to do with – so much so that she has filed a court order to ensure that he keeps his distance.

The “Talk That Talk” singer has obtained a temporary restraining order against a man who was caught breaking into her neighbour’s home in the mistaken belief that it was the Barbadian star’s residence, according to celebrity website TMZ.

TMZ further reports that the suspect, Steveland Barrow, allegedly stole property and occupied a bed, thinking Rihanna had slept in it.

Upon arrest, the misguided fan told police that he had been invited in, while Rihanna said in court documents that she now fears for her safety.

A judge granted a temporary restraining order against the Californian man, and a court date has been set for March 21 to make the order permanent and establish strict stipulations.

To add a slightly disconcerting ring to the matter, Barrow has since been released from police custody and is nowhere to be found, Rihanna’s lawyer told TMZ.

The break-in was initially reported to have taken place on Rihanna’s property in Pacific Palisades, California. Police later confirmed to E! News that the 31-year-old man had been arrested next door, but Rihanna had always been the intended target.

Fortunately, while Barrow was breaking into what he thought was the “Diamonds” singer’s home, Rihanna was literally miles away, celebrating her 25th birthday with Chris Brown in Hawaii.

The “We Found Love” girl went on to receive a special gift from Brown to help keep her mind off screwball stalkers.

In Touch reports that Brown gave the six-time Grammy award-winner a pair of US$65,000 Neil Lane chandelier earrings.

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