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ST GEORGE’S, Grenada — It appears that Tillman Thomas will remain leader of Grenada’s National Democratic Congress (NDC) – at least until a general membership meeting of the party.
The NDC, which had been in government since July 2008, suffered a humiliating 15 – 0 defeat by the New National Party (NNP) at general elections on February 19.

But NDC deputy chairman, Ken Joseph, said that Thomas’s leadership has not been an issue in post-election discussions held by the party’s executive.

“Nobody asked him (Thomas) about resigning and neither did he offer. No leadership question came up at the meetings,” Joseph is reported as saying in this week’s edition of Caribupdate Weekly.

According to Joseph, the atmosphere at the post-election meetings was “good,” although some members were “sad and confused on how the party could have lost 15 – 0” with a “good campaign, great candidates”, and a “better manifesto” to the NNP’s.

The paper said Joseph offered several reasons for the NDC’s election defeat, including the economy; insufficient election campaign funds; the disunity that had plagued the party; and the NNP’s appeal to “gullible youth”.

Joseph is quoted as saying that the NDC is now “hundreds of thousands of dollars” in debt, but it’s determined to rebuild and regroup.

“We should be able to mobilize as quickly as possible to give hope, direction and proper opposition, and to carefully look at how the country is governed,” he said.

“We feel very sure that within a year, people will be looking to us for guidance.”

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