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Dear Sir:

Grenadians are looking up again, NNP to the rescue, NNP leading the path to change, Grenadians are seeing green and white, Keith Mitchell leader of leaders, victory for Grenada’s NNP 15, Keith Mitchell making political history.

Well, Dr the Hon.Keith C. Mitchell has made political history, when on February 19, 2013, Grenadian voters sent their National Democratic Congress government packing after five years of rule. They were conscious of how the old conservatives had failed but had mostly been retained in office. Prime Minister Thomas had shown a lack of authority in his dealings with his party, he had seemed barely able to keep a grasp on the reins of his government, and also there was a growing crisis of confidence in the leadership of his government.

The fact that the New National party has won the general election overwhelmingly is a sign of NDC leadership failure. During Prime Minister Thomas’s term, our economic problems intensified. He paid no heed to economic growth in the country. Grenada’s economy has too long been used as a political football. It is well past time for those we elected to represent our interests to knock off the ideology and brinkmanship games. This is not a responsible way to govern.

Now Grenadians have spoken loud and clear giving the Grenada New National Party the mandate they were seeking. They won the Parliamentary General elections in a landslide victory. This is historical for the country and for Dr Mitchell.

It was an extraordinary campaign, on one side was the professional political machine of Dr Mitchell and the NNP, Paula Mark McPhail had the knowledge and the smarts to get the job done right. The NDC campaign was handicapped by Thomas’s lack of vitality. The NDC promises they failed to keep, while their cronies conspicuously enriched themselves.

The New National Party government beginning will be encouraging and will confront enormous problems. Their goal is to give new energy, new zeal and methods for the task of rebuilding and rescuing our country. This they will accomplish. They will use their skills as leaders and as Grenadians. The political plan for Grenada that they’ve been developing over the last five years will work well.

The New National Party government will continue the work to envision what they have to do for the future. “We need to look beyond the shore into the not so definable sea of opportunities that surround us. We also have the means to attain all the important goals for the life of all our constituents. On our side of the river, on our side of the pond, we are creating an atmosphere where it is possible. We need reconciliation, reconciliation is needed within and among our communities. We have an obligation to be advocates for all Grenadians, but especially for those who do not have a voice,” says our new Prime Minister, Dr the Hon Keith C. Mitchell.

I would further add that the personal qualities of Prime Minister Mitchell ought to inspire confidence in the people’s decisions to elect him as their leader. He knows Grenada’s political tradition better than almost anyone. A political disciple who has made heroic sacrifices to serve his country. Above all, he has a deep friendship with Grenadians that should for those who are unsettled be a source of confidence and comfort. We can trust that. Often it is some years into a prime minister or president’s tenure that something transforms his place in history. Some succeed in setting grand idealistic visions, while others advocate particular issues defining their purpose. Let’s comparison-shop to see where the Mitchell administration is headed. We will be looking for when that transformation occur with The Doc.

Only when a day is done, an era is finished, can we make a judgment. However, it’s in the here and now that prime ministers or presidents must act, prior to historical judgment to implement their mandates. Lasting mandates must be earned. How? Use great rhetoric and measurable achievements. Going forward, fearlessly implement health care as an ongoing success story, then proudly applaud it. Fix the economy, create employment. Prime Minister Mitchell must ensure an ongoing legacy and continue to perform like a winner.

We don’t want our constituents victimized ever again; we have experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly in the last five years under the NDC government. No success story with the NDC government, only failures. Everything they did spiraled out of control. They made everything worst. They accomplished nothing during their reign. They were completely out of touch with the people on all issues.

The people of Grenada believed that they had a unique perspective of the kind of individual who would best succeed Thomas. They knew that Mitchell’s combination of experience, unmatched knowledge of Grenada, common sense, wisdom and determination is exactly what the people of Grenada needs. The NNP is a united team of men and women who will work together for the good of the country, they have come together so that they can move Grenada forward, putting everything they have into everything they do. It’s all about teamwork; every one of the recently elected candidates brings valuable traits to the table. When you mix with the right people, everything falls into place, like magic. Or better yet, God’s gift.

Leaders should not be out of touch and arrogant with the people they represent and lead. We are coming from a place where no Grenadian wants to return to. We now have a clear vision of where we need to go and where we are now. Our people will be better off than we were five years ago. Given all that the unemployed citizens have withstood during the NDC government, I would like take this opportunity to remind the world what Grenada and its people are really made of. Let’s finally take full advantage of the potential in Grenada’s many communities.

Grenada is ideally positioned to create exporting jobs, by shipping product made in the country to destinations around the world. There’s tremendous untapped potential here. We’ll develop comprehensive regional plan with the goal of doubling our country’s exports by the year 2020. This will create plenty more jobs. I know that with smart policy, and with Grenadians working together, we can keep that part of our country alive.

The vision Prime Minister Mitchell presented is one we embrace here in New York, Grenada and indeed all around the world. The prime minister laid out an agenda for a vibrant Grenadian future, where we work together to bring jobs back, train our young people to have the skills they need to succeed in the workforce, and ensure those who work long and hard hours can provide for their families. Let us give credit to Dr. Keith C Mitchell and the New National Party for thinking creatively to try to turn this discouraging government situation into something Grenadians can appreciate. Notwithstanding the economic development goals. This is an opportunity to bring some public benefit to an otherwise net loss for Grenada.

Here is a perfect opportunity to make the best of a bad situation and help thousands of young Grenadians in the process. It’s a good measure that certainly will help the less fortunate. We should support it enthusiastically. Mitchell has good instincts about policies.

One wonders, do Thomas and Burke lie awake at night, gnashing their teeth at the hash that they have made of their own reputation and the noisome role they’ve played in turning their Grenada’s politics into a cesspool.

It was with great pride that myself and thousands others listened to the new prime minister’s victory message. We were heartened to hear him speak to many issues that are of vital importance to all of us. The first and foremost though has to be the economy. We will accomplish much to bring our country back from a recession, but there is much to do. We have to make sure as the prime minister said, we have to work hard and meet our responsibilities, we can get ahead, no matter what we look like.

“I am passionate about what I do,” says the prime minister. It’s that spirit that helped him wage successful battles against his rivals that benefitted all Grenadians. “I’d fight, fight, fight, if you don’t have the stomach for it, then Grenada will suffer. I’ve been doing this all my life,” Mitchell said and the public support has been overwhelming. The stagnation brought about by representatives can finally see past party lines and think with the entire country in mind. Mitchell is the kind of person who cares deeply about his fellow citizens, he has a history of philanthropy, his story is thinking nothing is impossible.

“It is my full intention to continue making myself more available to all groups who have concerns, so that we can foster the dialogue that is crucial to me being an effective representative,” the prime minister said, he only feels pride, not bittersweet emotion, at what his party has accomplished. Mitchell, a popular figure in Grenada, says, “I am going to Parliament to work hard for the people of the tri-island. The job is what you make of it, whether it be shining the national spotlight on the immediate needs of the country and its residents, or the everyday needs of people who aren’t always able to advocate for themselves. The youths might be 30 percent of our population, but they are 100 percent of our future. Our seniors, because they have earned the right. And people with handicap.”

Grenadians voted overwhelmingly for the NNP because they seemed to be more concerned with achieving results than giving good sound bites. It’s good to see them at the forefront of a party and government that will bring some effectiveness to St George’s Parliament.

Prime Minister Mitchell is a quality man who has the right principles and values, and is doing it for all the right reasons, and for that he has the full support of the people of Grenada, who said that, he is the most qualified person for the job. We needed new leadership in Grenada that gets results, leadership that can be trusted to fight for a better future for the people. It’s time for the NNP leaders to step forward and make that difference. They will work on behalf of the people of this beautiful country. The job is extremely challenging because it’s about new ideas, building relationships and helping people. It is most satisfying.

Grenada’s politics can now be what it was once upon a time, It will be about issues, not about hyper-partisans and hyper-ideologists having issues. Grenada’s politics now will be about politicians studying problems and acting. It will not be about politicians and partisans acting out.

These positions are meant to serve the people, we will help them to remember that they are charged with serving their constituents, and not we serving them.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has,” Margaret Mead, American Anthropologist 1901-1978.

Helen Grenade

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