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St. George’s, February 25, 2013 – Former Finance Minister, Nazim Burke, has been named as the “biggest loser’’ of the February 19 general elections.

Burke, deputy leader of the NDC; party leader and former Prime Minister, Tillman Thomas; and the other 13 candidates of the National Democratic Congress were all defeated in last Tuesday’s polling by their NNP opponents.

“Nazim Burke’s biggest fantasy, some say, is to become Prime Minister one day. It is impossible to be PM, if you’re not MP,’’ Caribupdate Update said in a feature in this week’s edition.

Like the other local weeklies, the paper has extensive coverage of the recent elections.

Caribupdate Weekly has a two-page spread it calls “The Biggest Losers’’ and “The Biggest Winners’’.

“Burke’s easiest path (to be prime minister) – so the planners believed – was to allow the National Democratic Congress to make war with the other people he thinks could stand in his way – Peter David and his so-called Band of Rebels,’’ Caribupdate Weekly said.

The other “biggest losers’’ of the elections, according to the paper, are the “Georges’’ – media practitioners George Grant and George Worme; NDC PRO Glen Noel; GBN and MTV; William Joseph, Christopher DeRiggs and other members of “Technocratic Bourgeoisie’’; and former Prime Minister Thomas.

Caribupdate’s list of “biggest winners’’ is headed by newly elected Prime Minister and leader of the New National Party, Dr Keith Mitchell.

It includes Clifton Paul who defeated Thomas in St. Patrick’s East, and Tobias Clement who ousted Burke in St. George North East.

Others are Emmalin Pierre – the victorious NNP candidate in St. Andrew’s South East; the “Gang of Four’’ – Peter David, Joseph Gilbert, Glynis Roberts and Arley Gill; and the Grenadian people who “played frustrating spectator to a ruling party as it devoured itself, while the people’s chances for economic survival dwindled’’.

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