We Mix Business with Pleasure.

Dear Sir:

The worms again and again invaded his political porridge; he was expected to dash it away and change his diet as his intestinal fortitude became clogged by the invading parasites. Little did they know that they provided the invaluable protein that strengthened both body and mind – his resolve grew stronger and stronger.

He did not take cover and cowardly run; he stood strong as an honourable leader and patriot repulsing the onslaught. His forces were young, inexperienced, broken and defenseless.

He “felt their pain!”

A wounded but confident warrior he knew that he could ready them for the next assault; they rallied, and in the crucial test of wills reigned supreme.

The brilliant veteran tactician and most vicious and brutal lieutenant of the opposing forces was out-maneuvered and vanquished by a humble youthful foot soldier. Transparency took on a new meaning, defeat!

Grenadian political elections February 19, 2013, for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), was a throwback to July 8, 2008 – rewind the tapes – issues were old, staid and lacking in imagination – the energy was expelled.

The New National Party (NNP), in the hands of the Doc. brought renewed vigour, vitality, faith and hope to a nation lost in the wilderness of despair. Grenadians could no longer endure the hardships and began to see Keith Mitchell as maybe controversial, but the liberal and progressive caring leader who connects with people.

His party – according to his detractors — attracts the labeled, “Jump and wave youth,” who have no interest in politics and cannot vote. But Dr Mitchell sees the enthusiasm of youth as natural and an opportunity to transition youth to adulthood and participation in representative government under the guidance of the NNP. If we believe that the future of the nation lies in our youth, then PM Mitchell and his NNP must be seen as forward thinking and a major contributor, at least philosophically, in culturing and molding youth in the democratic process of nation building.

Dr Mitchell’s mystique can be seen in his ability to diversify, rebuild and keep his party together under trying circumstances – keep it in-house and recognize that compromise can be strength. He has learnt from mistakes of the past and now more receptive to criticisms that spawn intellectual engagement. The change is a timely and welcome one propelling his party to the greatest political victory of his 30 years as member of parliament, opposition leader and the history making twice elected prime minister of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique with a clean sweep of all seats in Her Majesty’s Parliament.

Dr Mitchell has been served with a unique opportunity to showcase Grenada on the world stage as the definitive model of small island states success; good will and providence at the doors of Tillman Thomas and the NDC was squandered, subjecting the party to one of the most humiliating defeats in Grenadian political history.

Will the Doc. succumb to the temptations of selfishness and greed that brought down Thomas and NDC?

His ever growing popularity is no accident; he remains down-to-earth and unlike lesser politicians, “his head has not grown” with his popularity; he is as comfortable in the neighbourhood rum shop as he is in the company of royalty.

He is a visionary who is not afraid to take risks; he may fail but he has the determination, the “stick-to-itiveness” to get up, keep trying and succeed; he has proved that he may be down but never out.

While other leaders claim to be anointed by the divinity, PM Mitchell has not sought the aid of celestial channels, his faith is more modest.

Supremely and divinely channeled by mere Grenadian mortals – earthlings — and given “15 pillars of strength” to guide the nation, Prime Minister Hon. Dr Keith Claudius Mitchell “will deliver.”

Kit Stonewalling

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