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Grenada Election Results 2013

St George South East:
Clarence Gregory Bowen NNP 2100
Randal Montgomery Robinson NDC 1508
Ferron Lowe NUF 50
Abdurraheem A. Jones MIC 3

Carriacou and Petite Martinique:
George Elvin Nimrod NNP 1969
Randolph Harrison Fleary NDC 1341
Clind John MIC 15

Town of St. George:
Nikolas Steele NNP 1436
Franka E. R. Alexis Bernadine NDC 879
Sandiford Simon GOD 2

St. George North West:
Keith Claudius Mitchell NNP 2679
Ali Anthony Brian Dowden NDC 323
Desmond Cuthbert Sandy GRP 7
Oswald Peter GUPM 9

St. George North East:
Tobias Clement NNP 2429
V. Nazim Burke NDC 2268
Lawrence Amade MIC 4
Martin Washington Edwards GRP 2
Oswald Roderick Mc Burnie GUMP 4

St. George South:
Alexander Otway-Noel NNP 3577
Bernadette Merle Byer NDC 2353
Glynis Claudia B. Roberts NUF 122

St Mark:
Clarice Modeste-Curwen NNP 1720
Denneth Matthew Modeste NDC 785

St. David:
Oliver Thomas Joseph NNP 3168
Adrian Augustine Thomas NDC 2482
Justine Mc Burnie GOD 12
Raphael Victor Baptiste Independent 0

St. John:
Alvin Martin Dabreo NNP 2268
George A. Vincent NDC 1745
Lyntoria Welch GRP 4

St. Patrick West:
Anthony Boatswain NNP 1739
Joseph Andall NDC 1494

St. Patrick East:
Clifton David Paul NNP 1406
Tillman Joseph Thomas NDC 1276
Valdon Crosley Paul NUF 14
Winston Earle Frederick PULP 11

St. Andrew North East:
Roland Bhola NNP 2051
Terry Hillaire NDC 1618
Raleigh W. Date Independent 87

St. Andrew South East:
Emmalin Pierre NNP 1994
Patrick Simmons NDC 1162

St. Andrew North West:
Delma Thomas NNP 1793
Alleyne Walker NDC 1453

St. Andrew South West:
Yolande Bain-Horsford NNP 1896
Sylvester Quarless NDC 1573

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