We Mix Business with Pleasure.

Cocoa Crunch!


Visit our web shop at http://grenadanutmegcocoaproducts.weebly.com
I am still updating this site but you can view and order selected products
by filling out and submitting the contact form.

Linked to GBT also at http://www.grenadagrenadines.com/detail/caribbean-naturals/

Cocoa Crunch! ……………………………………………………………………….

Its original and new from Grenada. It is the miracle food for the HEART and HIPS!

Fine clusters of bitter sweet rich dark chocolate, that’s all tasty, all natural and healthy. It’s great just as a snack, or you can add it to cereals, porridge, ice cream, chocolate cake mix, cheesecake bases, custard, yogurt and more. It’s also available as a chocolate BAR. Cocoa Crunch is made with Grenada Cocoa and comes in nutmeg original, ginger, anise and oatmeal raisin.

We also make to order for special gift giving occasions. Customized for VIP’s, corporate incentives and wedding favors.

Available at all of these fine outlets listed below.

PRESENTS (Excel Plaza – Grand Anse) – 444 3557
TRUE BLUE BAY BOUTIQUE (True Blue Bay Boutique Resort Grenada) – 443 8783
ART FABRIK (Young Street – St. George’s Town) – 440 0568
KACHI BOUTIQUE (La Marquis Complex – Grand Anse) – 439 0938
CALALOO (MB International Airport- Point Saline) – 439 7778
FOODLAND (Westerhall – Main Road) – 440 7817
CARIBBEAN NATURALS (Red Gate, St. David) – 403 6589
ART & SOUL (Spiceland Mall – Grand Anse) – 439 3450

MAMABOIS (Esplanade Mall – St. George’s Town) – 538 3088

REFLECTIONS (Grenada Craft Centre – Kirani James Boulevard, St. George) – 415 9872

LA PHARE BLEU MINI MARKET (EGMONT – Calivigny) – 444 2000

It’s the talk of the town! You will be clamoring for more!

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