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The Commonwealth Secretary-General, HE Kamalesh Sharma, today announced The Right Honourable Sir Anand Satyanand from New Zealand as Chair of the Commonwealth Foundation. Appointed by Heads of Government, Sir Satyanand will serve an initial term of up to two years.

Sir Satyanand served as Governor-General of New Zealand from 2006-2011 having previously completed two five-year terms as one of New Zealand’s Parliamentary Ombudsmen.

Sir Satyanand said: ‘I am delighted to be appointed as Chair of the Commonwealth Foundation and I look forward to leading the Foundation’s role of encouragement for the efforts of civil society organisations and professional groupings.’

As Chair of the Foundation, Sir Satyanand will preside over meetings of its Board of Governors, represent the Foundation at intergovernmental meetings and events, and serve as an ambassador for the Commonwealth Foundation, promoting the Foundation’s vision and values.

Vijay Krishnarayan, Commonwealth Foundation Director said: ‘We are honoured to welcome Sir Anand Satyanand as the Commonwealth Foundation’s new Chair. His background and experience will be real assets to the Foundation and help advance its agenda of citizen participation and inclusion in governance systems.

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