We Mix Business with Pleasure.

The New National Party is in full support of the concept of national debates involving the main political parties during an election period. Such debates are healthy and provide a platform for the political parties to demonstrate to the electorate, their understanding of the critical issues facing the nation.

Throughout the world today, it is customary for the main debate to involve only the leaders of the main political parties. A leader’s debate is imperative given the constitutional powers of a prime minister, and these leadership debates greatly assist the population in deciding which leader will provide the better governance when in office.

The New National Party deeply regrets that Prime Minister Tillman Thomas, after accepting Grenada Broadcasting Network’s invitation to participate in the National Debate with the Leader of the Opposition, schedule for Monday 28th January 2013, abruptly withdrew.

This is now the second successive election in which Prime Minister Tillman Thomas is apparently avoiding a direct debate with the political leader of the New National Party.

The New National Party calls on all Trade Unions, the Conference of Churches in Grenada, the Grenada Chamber of Industry and Commerce, and all other national organisations to urge the National Democratic Congress and the Prime Minister to participate in this important national debate.

Any alternative format will be no substitute and will deprive the nation of the opportunity to better assess the capabilities of our two political leaders.

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