We Mix Business with Pleasure.

By Milton Coy

Grenadians will have to choose from at least ten political parties when they go to the polls on February 19th 2013. Some of these political organizations only have a handful of supporters and may just be names on paper.

The newly formed political group – National Unity Front (NUF), which consists mainly of former members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) will hold their convention on Sunday 20th January at the Calliste Government School, St. George. At that convention a leader and executive will be elected according to sources close to the organisation.

Speaking on GTC’s Rise and Shine Morning Chat with Milton Coy on Monday, Mr. Valdon Paul described NUF as a genuine alternative when it comes to governance for Grenada. Paul is NUF’s caretaker for the St. Patrick’s East constituency.

Another political party, the Grenada United Labor Party (GULP) is Grenada oldest political organization. GULP was the brain child of the late Prime Minister Sir. Eric Matthew Gairy. His Trade Union, the Grenada Manual Maritime and Intellectual Workers Union (GMMIWU) were the vehicle used to champion the cause of workers throughout the country.  Since his death in 2002 the political party suffered many internal fights and struggles for political leadership and is today very weak politically and may not be able to fill all fifteen candidates.

The People United Labour Party (PULP) is also one of the less know political organizations in Grenada. Its leader Mr. Winston Fredrick came through the corridors of GULP and is seeking to capture the labor votes. Mr. Fredrick won a seat in the Grenada Parliament as a GULP candidate in 1995. PULP have not been able to attract membership to create any real impact on the Grenadian electorate

The Grenada Rennansiance Party (GRP) of Dr. Washington Edwards has never gotten off the ground since its entry in to Grenada’s politics almost a decade ago. It can be argued however that Mr. Washington’s ideas are different and radical compared to some other political parties.

The other less known political organizations only command a handful of members and are yet to present any ‘meaningful’ alternative.

The recently formed Movement for Independent Candidates (MIC) is introducing some new concepts to the political process by allowing its candidates to be independent while collaborating together on national issues.

As Grenadian prepare for the poles on February 19th the real choices are between the incumbent NDC and the main opposition New National Party of Dr. Keith Mitchell.

This election may very well give Grenadians an opportunity to vote for policies and not for personalities based on an educated electorate that has evolved within the last two decades. However whatever are the choices available for Grenadians, Grenada needs a strong and united political organisation that can make bold decisions for its sustainable development.

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