We Mix Business with Pleasure.

by Milton J Coy, Writer

The Analysis, is intended to bring clarity to the many issues floating around, as we here in Grenada, come face to face with yet another general elections. Let us remember even before we get deeper into it, that is, a season – a season of elections, and will end, and give way to another season in our experience, on this journey – LIFE’s experience! Let’s take this reasoning onboard as we proceed…… The Analysis – proceeds or comes from the heart – the inner I AM. The analysis will go on even after the elections; there is the need to create an environment for mutual understanding about the issues of the day, during every season(s). The Analysis will be “Up-close & Personal” in approach to various discussions.

As Grenadians prepare for the upcoming general elections, I see some of the same old issues during the last elections coming up again.

The opposition – the last time was the NDC, now it’s the NNP, is challenging the operations of the Parliamentary Elections office. That seems to be a must in our system. And, as the last time around, the NDC – like the NNP last time, issued a statement; expressing confidence in the electoral machinery. What is the result of that? It seems to me that it may be ca se of everybody do what they have to do, it is a form of the process. Be that as it may – just making this observation, as I set my mind on what I am embracing – what I AM getting into.

This up-coming General Election can be considered a ‘local government’ election. Every single Grenadian counts. People who are seeking to represent people in Parliament are to go local (get connected with the ‘little’ or ‘small’ man in the hillsides in the mountains and the valleys too,……) They have to be inclusive and take on board the concerns of the so-called ‘little’ man in society. Grenadians this time around are likely to vote for representation and not necessarily for party…. ‘Party’ as an institution within the process can retard the process. And Grenadians in 2013 are much more ‘learned’ in regards to ones daily encounters. The reasons for their decisions made in the 2008 General elections still exist, and I can very well imagine, that these issues will be under scrutiny again, this time around. Communities of people and villages are now into to the highway of traffic. They know what representation is….. so the politicians cannot hoodwink the people with outrageous promises – some downright lies and deception. That is why I consider it, a ‘local government’ election. Every individual can decide!…. and that can make a difference.

The two front runners in the ‘party’ race, seeking to control the seat of government, the opposition New National Party and the incumbent National Democratic Congress, are off to a positive start. Which will maintain the momentum will be determined elections night 2013? The GULP has been unable to maintain the ‘oil’ in its mercenary for forward movements….. and growth, as an organization. The others may seek shelter under the wings of one of the front runners.

Politics really can be partisan and personal. Each individual has the right to engage a political organization of his or her choice; as well as having the right to ‘individually’ believe in someone or support an issue or a cause. The quality of politics we practice here is what can be described as ‘who get ball bowl’ politics. (Who get ball bowl is a loose game of playing bat (cricket) in the village…. Once the ball is in your hand you have the opportunity to bowl. Who has possession of it, get it and bowl it!) There seem to be no ‘order’ in regards to ones perspective and practice of politics on a day to day basis. This is reflected in the fact that as a people we are reactionary in nature. There aren’t many promoters of ‘order’ around these days. Shouldn’t politics be about policies, issues and concerns as well as opportunities for growth and development? Good political practices involve being pro-active, having a vision, then set out on a mission to accomplish the vision. So let ‘order’ reign!

The Inter Agency Group of Development Organisations (IAGDO) has summoned members of civil society and other civic minded organisatuions to discuss a code of political conduct for the upcoming general elections. The code gives everyone an equal opportunity and should be the basis for the conduct and practice during this election season, by all political parties and individual politician seeking to represent people in the Grenada Parliament. More and more people are ‘rights’ conscious. That’s the result of exposing people to knowing ones rights and responsibilities. We need more of that awareness building!

The date is announced and the race has officially started. We will continue to analyse. We will follow each party’s conduct. We will also discuss with civil society regarding their participation during this election season. Until we reconnect through this medium…. Allow me the opportunity to leave, for now, and go get prepared for my next ANALYSIS. Peace!

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