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Wednesday 9th January 2013: The New National Party expresses grave concern with the consolidated 2012 list of electors from which a total of 8, 399 registered voters have been removed and/or not included.

The Office of the Supervisor of Elections has only on Monday last reconfirmed that the number of voters registered as of 31/12/2012 was 55, 972 in line with the reported number of 54, 234 as of 14/12/2012. However the 31 December 2012 consolidated list has only 47, 573 voters as registered.

It is a known fact that both the two major Parties have canvassed the new list, with the governing party spending the entire weekend on this task. One can claim with a high degree of reliability that over 80 percent of the names removed from and/or not included on the list are strong supporters on the New National Party.

The most pronounced infraction is in the St. George South East Constituency where as of the 14/12/2012, there were 3438 registered voters out of a total 54, 234. However on the 31/12/2012 this number shrank to 2227 – over 1200 names being removed.

The New National Party calls on the Supervisor of elections to immediately correct the inaccuracies. With the massive expenditure on new technology, this blunder, if indeed it is a blunder, is inexcusable and points to the serious problem that could be encountered in the upcoming general elections.

The New National Party calls on every voter to check the voters’ list to ensure that his/her name is included or has not been removed and to immediately draw any concern to his/her Registration Officer.

The New National Party is also very concerned that the Supervisor of Elections has now resumed her former post after suffering a serious debilitating illness, just a few months ago. We consider this move on her part to be very unwise and unhealthy. We also consider the decision of the Office of the Governor General to have allowed Miss. Benoit to recommence active duties as Supervisor of Elections to be ill advised and a display of the lack of importance attributed to the democratic process.

During the absence of Miss. Benoit as Supervisor, the many problems expressed by the public at large seem to have been receiving the attention of the Acting Supervisor Mr. Francois. This is evident from the reduced complaints on radio programs and from what appears to be a willing attempt to look into the many complaints.

Further, the New National Party renews the call to the Prime Minister to bring in Observers from at least the OAS and Caricom to overlook the process as a matter of grave urgency.

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