We Mix Business with Pleasure.

Dear Sir:

Grenadians are hoping the New Year will bring new understanding from the country’s elected officials. You have to trust your governments. Grenadians do not trust the ruling NDC government. It is important for voters to know who’s behind campaign messages so they can evaluate them.

Our democracy thrives when we have as many citizens as possible participating in the electoral process and, with the deluge of money being spent on campaigns, it’s also important for voters to know who’s behind the campaign messages, who’s targeting them and what their agenda is.

We are not going to be able to put things back the way they were. And even if we could put Humpty Dumpty back together again, at what point do you say, I’ve had enough. We need to be smart; we need give the people of Grenada some answers. We certainly don’t want to traumatize them any more than they’ve already been traumatized.

They are all going to be thinking about what happened to them in the last five years. That unfortunately was inescapable, but it’s also continuing in ways that it should be. One NDC supporter, who does not want to be identified, referring to Prime Minister Thomas, says, “I want any job. I have to take care of my family. Today it’s very difficult, it’s not easy to find a job, but I’m optimistic for 2013. He’s made so many people so mad and furious. Hopefully, I hope he can feel our pain. He has done nothing. Enough is enough.”

First, Thomas must consider the high and rising costs of just about everything are really hurting Grenadians. He should remember no matter how much campaign funding he receives from his Saudi Arabian friends, it is the actual voters that ultimately count and remember, as well, more of those come from those who have.

Grenadians are asking themselves what is wrong with this government, how and when will the economic situation get better. Dr Mitchell has gone after the NDC administration. He wants to make sure that any decisions by Thomas are not being made from the prism of the next three or four months, but for many years out.

The people of Grenada do not believe for a second the prime minister has made any decisions where he had the best interest of Grenada at heart. One NDC official who requested not to be quoted by name put it this way, “This has been very difficult for Thomas. He is getting near the end of his tenure, and he has not had any signature issues. And whatever he had, have not been about improving the country. He will not leave things better than he found it.”

We are seeing the end of the electoral power, at the national level, of the Thomas NDC party theologically rigid agenda. Thomas’s primary season embrace of the social and economic agenda of the more rabid elements of his party will doom him, especially the shrill proroguing of Parliament rhetoric and the harshly insensitive theory that no additional sacrifice or contribution should be sought from those at the top.

He is trying to move away from the sharpest edges of this before the general election, but the people don’t trust him anymore.

It is part human nature, part our failure to sanction properly when we need to, part our government’s failure to have the backbone to restructure a system that is clearly unstable and flawed. What a year it has been. And while 2013 will see a major national election, we can be sure that most NDC officials will obstruct and some NNP will appease.

The New National Party has extraordinary exceptional candidates, none of them is perfect. No one is. Grenadians are looking forward to their resounding victory. The New National Party has made a difference in the past, and that had netted benefits for Grenada. Businesses throughout the country are decimated; we need to get those businesses back to the point where they are economically viable.

Thomas’s NDC won the last general election five years ago, but Thomas’s last few years as prime minister has been punctuated by allegations of shady campaign financing and money laundering. Bad governance, infighting within his government, resignation after resignations. Unemployment has hit the roof, and the list goes on and on.

Thomas’s government is unlikely to give up power voluntarily. The only alternative is really hell or a political process, then we have all of us got to work ceaselessly for a political process. Mitchell believes our country’s entire efforts should be focused on production, work, seriousness and a bold effort to get Grenada moving in the right direction again.

The politico notes that Dr Keith C. Mitchell has staged a comeback this year that former American President Bill Clinton has appreciated. Mitchell laid to rest perceptions that he might have lost his political chops. His NNP New York rally and his convention speech confirmed him as one of the most talented politicians in the Caribbean and of his generation.

The people of Grenada are thanking Dr Mitchell for his years of public service to the country. He has served with dignity, honour and compassion. For one thing, Mitchell knows what it is like to be poor. He has been there. He is one who can sympathize with what the people of Grenada are experiencing under the Thomas NDC regime. A man that has been tested in all aspects like ourselves, but overcame, surely he understands the problems that the people of Grenada are facing and will do everything along with his team of men and women change the situation and the terrible conditions confronting us. We the people deserve better.

He represented what his constituents wanted, not the groups with self-serving agendas. He was available and still is to the people. He always tried to resolve their problems. He cares about his community and all communities throughout Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique, and has and is still working today diligently to preserve the small town environment that was craved by the people.

His tireless efforts on behalf of the less fortunate ones just exemplified who he is as a man. Elected officials in Grenada have been unable to come together and compromise to solve the tremendously important sensitive issue to fix our economy and create employment, and fix the jobless situation affecting the majority of Grenadians at home.

One educated woman I spoke with said, “People keep asking me whom I’ll be voting for in this upcoming general election. Nine months ago, I lost my job. I’ve never been unemployed for more than a week since I was 18. I am still unemployed. I’ve applied for every job imaginable, from educational positions, to restaurants gigs. One hundred applications have gone out; nothing happened. I have no money coming in. All of this has triggered my latent depression and now I am having anxiety attacks and stress episodes. I have never been in this position before. Not when Gairy was prime minister, nor Ben Jones, nor Bishop, nor Mitchell. So when I say I am not voting for Thomas and his NDC, you will understand why.

“Being broke, jobless and stressed is reason enough not to vote for them. The only upside is that it really can’t get any worse for me. I worry about the rest of you, though. I do not worry about the other political parties running for political office here because they are all dead on arrival.”

Grenadians are so fortunate to have Dr Mitchell being part of our lives. I would like to express the admiration and pride we have for him. You deserve unending thanks for all you give of yourself and for so many. There are so many words that can be used to describe you.

Unselfish, charitable, caring, supportive, dedicated, personable, kind, a willingness to give credit to others and many more. God has blessed you in so many ways, and I thank you for sharing those blessings with the people of Grenada and many other nations.

May we wish you a future of good luck, good health and a lifetime of happiness. Thank you over and over.

God bless you, God bless all the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique, and God bless Grenada.

Helen Grenade

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