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Prime Minister Tillman Thomas and the Government of Grenada have congratulated Olympic and World 400m champion Kirani James, following his acceptance of the Caribbean Spirit of Sport Award in Trinidad and Tobago on December 28, 2012.

“We were all excited with the athletic achievement of Kirani on the stadium tracks at the Olympics but the heart of this champion was displayed when the world also took notice when he swapped bibs with double amputee, South African athlete Oscar Pistorius.”

Kirani, who won Grenada’s first medal of any kind at an Olympics Games, also captured world attention with his humanitarian gesture in one of his preliminary races at the 2012 London Games in August.

“People celebrate champions and the world took notice when this Grenadian star athlete did something selfless, especially when tradition suggests that the first priority for individual competitors is to receive the accolades from their adoring fans,” the Prime Minister said.

He said the award by the Sport Company of T&T is evidence that Kirani’s actions set a new standard for which he will be known throughout his professional career, especially since he was a teenager at the London Games.

The Grenadian leader also agreed with the Sports Company of T&T, which credited Kirani with “bringing an unparalleled spirit of humanity and true sportsmanship to the London 2012 Games. He stands as a perfect example of true Caribbean class, and is a role model of the people of this region, particularly our youth.”

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