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Do you even know the foods that make you fat? Studies show that our perception of what is fat does not reflect reality. According to different studies, roughly one third of adults and almost twenty percent of children in North America are fat. Not to mention how many adults and children are significantly obese. Research also show that the majority of fat adults and children do not consider themselves as such.

Obesity can lead to a whole host of harsh diseases from type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease (high blood pressure, thickening of the heart muscle, and high cholesterol levels) to terminal cases such as heart disease and stroke.
“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”
– Dr. Ann Wigmore
Foods That Make You Fat

The fact is, we do not pay attention to what we put into our bodies and we suffer the results. Worse, our kids pay the price for our ignorance. Changing eating habits can take some research and it won’t happen overnight. But there are some easy changes you can make today that will dramatically benefit you and your children and set you on the path to a healthier, leaner you.
Step #1
Cut out the coke, soda, and juice. Replace it with water. Did you know that a glass of unsweetened fruit juice contains roughly the same amount of sugar as a can of pop? We often don’t realize the calories we take in through beverages. These high sugar drinks not only add empty calories but are also triggers telling our bodies to store fat.
Step #2
Eat veggies or fruit with EVERY meal. These are not foods that make you fat! The fiber we get in fruits and veggies help us digest our fats and sugars better essentially reducing the likelihood that what we eat gets stored as fat. Make at least a third of your plate fruits and vegetables!
Never skip breakfast. This meal triggers your metabolism revving for the day. If you are the kind of person who dashes out the door without breakfast, just stock your fridge with some fruit so you can at least grab an apple, banana, or orange as you step out the front door.
Step #4
Never eat late. Late night eating is one sure way to add on the pounds as your body’s metabolism starts to shut down in the evening. Try not to eat anything after 7pm. If you find you are starving, go for a salad or some fruit.

These are just some basic guidelines to get you going, but these changes will make a significant improvement to your waistline. Try to also be a little more lively. You don’t have to start running marathons, but a thirty to forty-five minute walk every day can burn a heck of a lot of calories. If you make the above dietary changes and begin with a simple walking routine once a day you will definitely see a significant drop in weight and get you on the path to a healthier you.
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