We Mix Business with Pleasure.

By Lloyd Noel

Lloyd Noel is a former attorney general of Grenada, prominent attorney at law and political commentator

We are coming to the end of this calendar year, 2012 – which has been an era of so many landmarks in our public and political affairs that it is very doubtful we will be faced with that many, even in these very troublesome isles ever again.

And to add to the political melee we have been experiencing during the time span of the current government in control, unless some January date is announced soon for the next sitting of parliament, which has been on vacation and convenient prorogation for nearly six months now, we could be faced with a constitutional problem after January 12 or thereabouts.

Of course all that could be avoided, if the government requests the governor general to dissolve the current parliament, and announce an election date within ninety days thereafter.

How likely that solution may be, only time and the political pundits will determine, but however long the waiting period may be, or whatever the eventual outcome will turn out to be, only the passage of time will tell.

But in the meantime, it all looks as though we are a people at a standstill, and waiting on goodness knows what is to happen to move us on to the next stage.

In the last week or two, there were some roadside workers on the Western side cutting the over-grown bushes and over-hanging trees along the road, but I suspect that was just a passing phase to help ease up the fiscal crisis.

There has been no official statement from the powers-that-be about where we are heading and how it is hoped to be getting there in the fullness of time.

I would imagine that if the parliament is dissolved and an election date announced, there would be some more positive vibes coming out of the controllers, and in response also coming from the opposition elements.

Because from the way things are standing still for the past few months, as far as the business of the people are concerned, and the economic activities remain in limbo, something has to happen, and sooner rather than much later, to enable the people to regain some hope and positive action to be up and moving again.

The longer the current “waiting period” is prolonged, the harder it will be for the eventual winners at the polls to get things moving again; because the stalemate now existing would increasingly get very much worse with the passage of time, and the absence of positive action.

And it is my considered opinion that the longer waiting period would be far more beneficial to the present opposition elements than to those now in control.

There is not much the current controllers can offer to potential investors in the short time remaining before “D” day; and therefore it must be in the party’s interest, and more so in the people’s interest to get a fresh mandate from the people, to strengthen and consolidate the party’s credibility in the months immediately following such an outcome.

To keep on prolonging the current impasse, can only benefit the opposition elements in the long run – because with nothing positive to offer in the meantime, the people who will continue to be deprived of even occasional employment to support their families, they would certainly not be in favour of returning the present controllers back into the driving seats.

Those who are occupying the seats of power, have to understand that the issues facing the people are strictly of bread and butter origin – and nothing else.

And after all the nice-sounding statements, for example, about the Sandals hotel brand coming to the Spice Isle, and due to open in February or March at the old La Source Hotel location, and to re-hire the old workers and some more later on in 2013, I am now hearing the re-opening would not be taking place until about October/November 2013.

So all the concessions granted by those now in control may very well be of no benefit to them in the up-coming elections in the New Year.

So what else is not new, or worth waiting on to happen?

By the time you are reading this commentary in the local paper, we will be just a few days from the New Year of 2013 and, by the way the political wind is blowing nowadays, as a people existing on grave uncertainties, and at the mercy of a whole lot of individuals, who are striving for nothing more than political power to satisfy their own selfish ambitions, with no trait of country loyalty to serve the people and the tri-island state, we could be in for some very tense weeks and months ahead.

It will be interesting to see what will take place if the government does not summon a sitting of parliament in January – when the six months would expire since the last sitting in July – and who will take the necessary action.

The Karl Hood case against the prime minister and NDC, about his expulsion from the party, was heard in the High Court last week Wednesday, and the judge’s decision promised for Thursday, 20th December.

He also has a no confidence motion against the government pending in parliament, if that body ever sits again.

Whatever happens in January, in the court or in parliament concerning the people’s business, next year promises to be a very historic year in our confused political arena.

But we have to make the most of the season, as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour, who continues to take care of us.

And I wish all the readers of this column a blessed Xmas, and a peaceful and very much more prosperous New Year in 2013.

This will be my last article for 2012, so until January 4 if all is well – enjoy the Season and the very best of health next year.

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