We Mix Business with Pleasure.

St. George’s, December 17, 2012 – MP Peter David is concerned about the pace allowing for occupancy by Grenadians at newly constructed housing units in Mt. Gay, St. George’s.

The 353-unit low-income housing project, sponsored by the government of China, was officially handed over to Grenadian officials in August.

But, a combination of applicant screening for units, and the cost to government to installing certain utilities, are said to be holding up the transfer of apartments to tenants.

“I hope the government would do something to ensure that the housing units are delivered urgently to the people who are waiting to move in to them,’’ said David, who also commented on the current proposal before government to buy majority shares in GRENLEC – the Grenada Electricity Services Limited.

“Government must seriously take on board the proposal and seek to address the high cost of electricity in the country,’’ said David, MP for the Town of St. George.

He made the remarks while attending the first in a planned series of constituency Christmas parties for children.

The party was also the first event held at the Queen’s Park Community Centre, which was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

David, a former Foreign Affairs and Tourism Minister, made a commitment to rebuild the centre and solicited support from volunteers in the River Road and Darbeau communities; Grenadians in the Diaspora; nationals at home and local businesses; and the Embassy for China in St. George’s.

He said he was “very happy’’ at the reopening of the facility, and thanked the volunteers and donors who assisted with the completion of what he described as a “wonderful centre.’’

“I do hope all of you make use of it and also take care of it,’’ David urged.

“Merry Christmas and I look forward to working with you in the New Year.’’

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