We Mix Business with Pleasure.

Hudson George

Well, more political stupidity in Grenada again. Well-known Grenadian political activist Sandra Ferguson claims that she is confused with the present NDC government, of which she was once a vocal supporter and very effective mouthpiece for spreading anti NNP propaganda.

In an article (‘Confused’ Ferguson complains about the changing colours of NDC, Caribupdate News Service on Monday 3 December), Ms Ferguson is not happy with the concession deals the government made with Sandals Resort by giving the company 25 years tax free break.

In addition, she is not happy with the Prime Minister Tillman Thomas, whom she claims had lunch with Peter De Savary a British foreign investor who was brought to Grenada by the former NNP government led by Dr Keith Mitchell. She thinks that that the NDC political party is getting some kind of funding from Mr De Savary. Unfortunately, Ms Ferguson does not seem to understand the role of elected government officials is different from radical political activism.

While Ms Ferguson is complaining that she is confused with the present government, most Grenadians can remember clearly how she fought against the development of the Yacht Service at Port St Louis. She was one of the most vocal political activists who organised protests against Peter De Savary’s Marina project development in St George’s and her protests and activism created fear and mistrust against foreign investors who wanted to do business in Grenada.

However, the NDC politicians were happy with Ms Ferguson’s extremist political opinion. They were enjoying every moment to have her on board as part of their political propaganda team because they were in the opposition, and needed votes from all the political sub-groups within society to win the election and to form the government. On the other hand, thousands of Grenadians, including myself, were always confused and very much disappointed with the anti-foreign investor sentiment Ms Ferguson is advocating. She keeps on preaching about foreign exploitation of Grenada’s national heritage but it appears as though she does not have any clue about how to create employment for the unemployed because she never mentions any solutions.

As is widely known in politics, friendship is not always guaranteed to last and, in Grenada, any political party that forms alliances with political characters as Ms Ferguson and others who keep holding on to the 1970s high school days’ immature militancy, must expect to face some kind of embarrassment in due course. These 1970s high school militants are still behaving as though they are struggling against former Prime Minister Eric Gairy’s regime. They have not grown past their high school days and due to that factor, they cannot understand the real world we are living in.

Based on the statements Ms Ferguson is making, it seems as though she had great expectation that the present government would have confiscated Mr Peter De Savary’s businesses at Port St Louis, St George’s and ordered him to leave the country as a means of saving Grenada’s heritage from foreign exploitation. She accused the government of changing its colours and not fulfilling its election promise.

Therefore, maybe there are certain things some top officials within the government must have discussed with Ms Ferguson during the election campaign that the masses of Grenadian people do not know anything about. And even though she was always a confused person based on her unrealistic political perspective, they must have promised her that they will satisfy her political dream to get rid of investors like Mr De Savary.

In addition, Ms Ferguson seems to believe that the majority of Grenadians share the same opinion as her in terms of her political opinion. She keeps on making her statements as though she represent the people of Grenada by saying we the people. However, it is very important that Ms Ferguson should realise by now that the government needs to work with both foreign and local business people to create jobs for the unemployed and Grenadians who are looking to find a job are a part of we the people too.

Basically, as it appears now, it seems as though Grenada is a political story. This present NDC government brings back memories of the People’s Revolutionary government led by the late Maurice Bishop. There is too much infighting within the party and too many factions with their own agendas. And even though the some of the problems can be resolved peacefully, some individuals still believe that their loyalty and friendship to their political clan comes before the love for country and people. There are others like Ms Ferguson who think that their personal opinion is more important than what the people need.

Commentary by: Hudson George.  Hudson George has a BA in Social Science from York University, Toronto, Canada. He has been writing since his early teenage years and now contributes letters and articles to a number of Caribbean newspapers

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