We Mix Business with Pleasure.

Cabinet special meeting with Sandals team

ST. GEORGE, GRENADA, DECEMBER 13th, 2012 _ Grenada’s Prime Minister Hon. Tillman Thomas says hospitality must be taken seriously, if Grenada is to realize its potential as a tourism destination.

“We must all embrace the significance of tourism as a pillar of our economic development. Those who are directly employed by the industry have their role to play, but every Grenadian must take individual responsibility, if we are to exploit the full potential of the industry,” the Prime Minister said Thursday.

He described business and hospitality as “essential ingredients” in the country’s development and highlighted investments in tourism as “central to our country’s march forward.”

The Prime Minister, himself a former Tourism Minister, made the comments on Thursday against the background of a special Cabinet meeting in which Sandals Chairman, Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart, unveiled the hotel chain’s plans for its newest addition to the Sandals Chain, the Sandals La Source at Point Saline.

The Prime Minister also welcomed the commitment of the Sandals Chairman to increasing the new hotel’s room stock from 100 to 228 suites and rooms with 98% of the employees, including designers, being Grenadian.

The US $60M project, including the installation of a sewerage plant, state of the art conference facilities and its own laundry, will hire between 400 and 450 Grenadians at the peak of its expansion.

The Grenadian leader praised his Minister for Tourism, Dr. George Vincent, who has continued efforts to improve the island’s tourism product, while at the same time is seeking opportunities for increasing visitor arrivals to Grenada.

“We must take a simultaneous approach to the industry. While we promote the destination, we must take measures to ensure an enhanced product. It’s what will make certain that the industry not just survives but thrives,” the Prime Minister said.

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