We Mix Business with Pleasure.

Arising out of previous week’s meeting, updates were provided to Cabinet on the following:

  • The status of the Investment Agreement to be signed between Sandals Resorts International and the Grenada Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC).  Cabinet is scheduled to meet with representatives of Sandals Resorts International on  Wednesday 12th December to receive an update on the progress of the project.
  • Discussions pertaining to the sale by Grenada Private Power of its shares in GRENLEC continue.
  • Amendments to be made to a Memorandum of Understanding signed with China Harbour Engineering Company Limited.

Ministry of Works, Physical Development and Public Utilities

  • Status of the Mt. Hartman Quarry. Cabinet received an update from the Minister for Works, Physical Development and Public Utilities on the current status of the Mt. Hartman Quarry.  Cabinet noted that the Quarry is to be used by the successful contractor for the Agriculture Feeder Roads Project.
  • During the previous Feeder Roads Contract awarded to CCC, both the Quarry and the Asphalt Plant were incorporated into the contract on a lease arrangement. As part of that lease arrangement CCC was mandated to hand back both facilities to Government in good working condition.
  • By letter dated 9th November 2012, CCC has given a conditional acceptance for the award of the Agriculture Feeder Roads Project.  The two prerequisites are the finalization of the quarry lease and payment of certain amount of outstanding monies.  It should also be noted that consideration must also be given to the proposed use of the Mt. Hartman area for a hotel project and golf course.
  • Cabinet considered the impact of the restructuring plan submitted by Gravel, Concrete and Emulsion Production Corporation.  Cabinet granted approval for the strategic reorganization/restructuring of the GCEPC.  A detailed plan is to be developed and submitted for Cabinet’s attention.
  • Cabinet granted approval for the removal and sale of sand in selected areas of drains levies and. security fences and authorization to borrow 10.5M for capital needs.


  • Cabinet granted approval for the Commissioner of Prisons to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with LIME on the provision of laptops and supporting network services by LIME.


  • Cabinet noted the report on the implementation of the 5th and 6th BNTF programmes.  The 5th Programme is due for completion on 31st December 2012.  Among the projects to be completed are the Grand Roy Pre School, the Princess Royal Hospital Water Upgrade and the HIV/AIDS School’s Training Workshop.  The 6th Programme is also scheduled to be completed in December 2012.
  • Projects completed are the Grenville Pre School, Victoria Pre School and Clozier Water Intake and Distribution.  Projects approved by the Steering Committee and forwarded to the CDB are the Top Hill Senior Citizens Home and the Chamboard Community Integrated Project.
  • While a number of projects have been implemented; Cabinet noted areas to improve the BNTF programmes in Grenada.
  • Cabinet considered and endorsed the BNTF 7th Programme as approved by the CDB Board on 23rd October 2012 in which Grenada is one of the ten beneficiary countries. BNTF 7th Programme will focus on the areas of quality education, water and sanitation, transportation services and human resource development in low income vulnerable communities.  The programme will be implemented during 2013 and 2016.
  • Cabinet at its meeting of 19th November 2012 approved the launch of the Grenada Chapter of the Caribbean Growth Forum.   The launch takes place on 11th December 2012.  The Forum is aimed at identifying and prioritizing concrete actions that can contribute to the enhancement of private sector led growth.
  • Cabinet on the recommendation of the Public Tenders Board awarded a contract to Selective Engineering Company LTD. At a contract price of 338,031 for the construction of a retaining wall at Constantine road St. Georges.
  • Cabinet granted approval for the renewal of the tenure of the Board of Directors of the Grenada Development Bank with some adjustments one change due to the resignation of one director due to illness.
  • Cabinet considered and approved  a request by the Grenada Development Bank to write off accumulated capital deficit of the bank to the tune of 19.8M.   This capital deficit was accumulated over years of the banks operation and the write off will not affect any obligations of the banks creditors or its debtors and will support efforts to rebuild the image of the bank to enable it to better fulfill its mandate.


  • Cabinet granted approval for the implementation of the agreement between the Government Negotiating Team and the Public Workers Union, the Technical and Allied Workers Union and the Bank and General Workers Union for salary increases for Public Officers and Supervisors and Workers attached to the government estates.


  • Cabinet considered the legal advice detailing the options available to government for safeguarding its interest in the Garden Group of Hotels.  Cabinet noted that Government is currently both the majority shareholder and a creditor/guarantor of the Company (Garden Group Hotel) although it has not asserted its rights and that there are a number of options available to government to recover its investment.  Government is giving active consideration to all its options mindful of the plight of all shareholders.


  • Cabinet considered and granted agreement for the appointment of the proposed new Ambassador of Venezuela to Grenada.  The previous Ambassador Perez was recalled on 13th September 2012 and arrangements are being made for the posting of a new Ambassador.  Grenada is also considering requesting agreement shortly for the posting of an Ambassador to Caracas.

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