We Mix Business with Pleasure.

ST. GEORGE, GRENADA, DECEMBER 10th, 2012 _ Prime Minister Tillman Thomas has welcomed a decision of the Grenada Co-operative Nutmeg Association (GCNA) to pay a bonus of over EC $3M to nutmeg farmers at the end of the year.

“This is a very positive development for our farmers and our economy. I know very well what this payment will do for our rural communities,” the Prime Minister said, noting that the decision, coupled with the recent EC $5.3M BAICO payout to policy holders in Grenada, will significantly impact the country’s financial stakes.

He praised farmers for “wholeheartedly taking up the challenge” by increasing production. The Prime Minister said the GCNA and farmers are benefitting from his government’s investment in programmes designed to improve agricultural output, stimulate agribusiness and add value to the country’s traditional crops.

The Prime Minister pointed to the Farm Labour Support Programme which returned hundreds of acres of dormant nutmeg and cocoa fields to production and the government’s replanting programme which provided planting material to farmers.

“This is just the start of a process that will position our traditional crops to make a greater contribution to our farmers and to our economy. We have laid the foundation for more value added and the building has started one block at a time,” the Prime Minister said.

In 2012 alone, agriculture has shown significant growth.

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