We Mix Business with Pleasure.

Two Grenadian artistes, Finber Andrews (Shortpree) and Wilt Cambridge (Tallpree) got the opportunity to perform at Dominica’s largest music festival, Creole in the Park. LIME Creole in the Park takes place each year in the month of October and features a host of local and regional acts. This was the 10th anniversary of the LIME Sponsored festival.

General Manager of LIME Dominica, Jeffrey Baptiste, commented on the festival, saying ‘LIME Creole in the Park has evolved over the years into a true cultural explosion that attracts thousands of patrons into one of Dominica’s most majestic spots for what has been called the ‘The biggest day-time event in Dominica’. This year, we are pleased to have fellow LIME Grenadian artistes Tallpree and Shortpree, Trinidadian soca stars, Kerwin DuBois & Benjai, Jamaican dancehall king Mr. Vegas along with our two biggest local Dominican bands, Triple Kay & WCK.’

On his return to Grenada, Shortpree commented, ‘LIME Creole in the park for me was just amazing. The acceptance from the people of Dominica and their passion for musical arts is next to none. It’s a country that I surely will return to. It was fantastic!’ Shortpree performed his hit songs ‘Accident’, ‘Spice Island Summer’, ‘carnival – the Journey’ among others.

Wilt Cambridge ‘Tallpree’, also took to the stage on Wednesday, performing hits such as ‘Old Woman’, ‘Wicked Jab’, ‘Just Jab’ to an enthusiastic crowd. After his performance, he was invited on stage to perform with WCK, Benjai and other Dominican acts. At the end of his performance, Benjai, the lead singers of Triple Kay & WCK, Shortpree and Tallpree all took to the stage for the final closing performance. Commenting on the event, Tallpree said, ‘it was one of the best closing performances I’ve ever done. This was truly a success and I am proud to represent LIME and Grenada.’

LIME Grenada’s Manager Angus Steele, was happy with the performances of the LIME artistes and noted ‘we are committed to bringing Grenada’s talent to regional and international markets. We have certainly seen the success of our LIME artistes at events such as Vincy Mas and Creole in the Park, exposing their music to a much wider audience.’ This was both Shortpree and Tallpree’s first performance at Creole in the Park.

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